Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Cup of Comfort for Women in Love

Posted by Lil' Sue at 7/13/2016 04:42:00 PM

4.00pm at Ranau District Library.
Date: 13 July 2016

It is like a ritual whenever I have long holidays in my hometown I will pay a visit to the Ranau District library. Now it has become more significant when my circle of friends were mostly married and busy with their family and running their own LIFE. 

In my peak of singlehood, sometimes I wish I had a special someone but I know it is not a valid reason to be in a relationship. To tell the truth, I rather stay single rather than associating myself with tons of bullshits and surrounded by fake peoples who sucked the positive energy from my soul. 

After replying some of my office emails, I found the book titled, A Book of Comfort for Women in Love. It has a catchy title or maybe I am becoming more interested to the idea of being in Love again. Well... there were stories of hope and love. Maybe I am seeking for a comfort for my lonely soul. This morning I was having a decent conversation with the regular guy that I used to text. He suddenly told me about he was about to pick a girl from the airport, which I fairly disliked. Was he trying to seek for my ok or for approval? Well... in my opinion, he don't need it from me. It is his own decision. I no longer have a jealous feelings over this matter since I don't even know what are we? Reacting to this kind of stupidity will give him power over me. My respond was NOTHING because why should I be affected by that??? If I am holding a special place in his heart, he should know better. 

My dear, I am a very considerate person but I will not tolerate any inconsiderate act at any level. I was ok long before you appear in my life. It would be nice if you could be the one but I am ok if you're not.

Just don't play with my feeling because I am not interested in short term fling.


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