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My Buddies Are My Heroes...

Posted by Lil' Sue at 3/25/2015 10:20:00 AM
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"Lunch Monsters"

As I looked at my computer watch, I can feel that my stomach is drumming with gassy kind of feelings, a way of telling my brain that I am starving. As expected, my extension line is ringing.

"Sue, come on... let’s go!! We are waiting for you at the reception" Marilyn or famously known as Baby is shouting to go out for lunch. In the end, I still can hear the cracking voice of Hafiz making fun of a lot of things about me. It is not surprising since he never run out of ideas of saying weird things about me. Sometimes I can’t help but feeling AMAZED about his 'GIFTED' ability of mocking me to the greatest level of annoyance.  I grabbed my purse and ran towards my lunch monsters buddies.

Well, I think I should do some introduction to my crazy friends and a little bit of myself. Actually I work with one of the most powerful Authority in the island of Labuan, a Federal Territory in Malaysia. I am a processing officer for the licensed entities and also handling the inquiries from our clients. Basically, if you know how the bank teller works you will be able to imagine how I work. Our clients can actually ask us everything under the sun about our products and services. We enforce and supervise them and we have long vision to be the best financial regulator in the Asia Pacific Region. We hope that one day we can beat the British Virgin Island in terms of the company incorporation. But it seems hopeless. Sigh...It is so cruel for me to say so...but I still hope we manage to achieve our target someday. Only god knows when that would be. We barely reached to ten thousand companies this year. This is part of the puzzle. My advice, do not stress yourself by trying too much on understanding what am I doing because you might have to spend the rest of your night digging your school book and trying to understand the industry that I am currently in especially when you stumble to the ‘Offshore’ term, you will start to be suspicious and start to have a lot of questions. Save that for laaaaater...ok? giggle giggle.....

Back to my crazy friends. Remember the crazy guy named Hafiz in the second para? For some weird reasons, he seems like glue that sticks us together in the 'Lunch Monsters' group. We have a dedicated whatsapp group for us where we can chat almost every single thing happened in our daily life. The Lunch Monsters consists with Nizam, Marilyn, Hafiz, Elaine and obviously ME. Let me introduce you to these peoples.

At first, I am not confident that I will be able to finally write my masterpiece but I asked myself...WHY NOT?? Since I have lot things to express to each and every one of you....

Monster 1
Nizam –The Big Brother

I still remember, when I first met him I thought he is much older than me. His hair style was just like the uncles in their mid 30s. It was an epic hairstyle which suit the 'Ahjusshi' generation (I forgot to mention that I am an avid fan of Kpop industry, less than the fanatics but not lunatics. Those who are in the same boat like me...I am sure you will understand) I am having difficulties to describe his hairstyle because it was not in the list of the 100 hairstyles of the last 100 years. I googled and finally I found some literatures about his hairstyle, it was called a 'middle parted' hairstyle or 'belah tengah' in Malay vocabulary.  Hair gel plays the most crucial part to ensure the middle parted hair stay where they supposed to be. The last time I remember the style was famous during my school days back in the 1990s. Forgive me if the term is wrong, I might be caught by the fashion police for wrong usage of words and definition. As far as I knew him, he has been a good friend. Sometimes I wish that I have real older brother like him. You will be surprise by his intelligence and his wisdom in lot area of life. Maybe his experience dealing with older peoples made him being so resourceful. His best characteristic would be loving husband to Mrs. Haruko Aida and doting daddy to Princess Aleesya. I think Nizam can be nominated as Malaysia's Prime Minister since he cares a lot about the local politics more than average people. His patriotic spirit is highly respectable. Despite of the controversial ‘Kangkung’ issue in the media, he is still looking at the positive way and try to give constructive criticism to the current government.

His second name is 'Bonzer Man' since he practice the martial art called 'Silat Gayung' only can be found in Malaysia. In addition, he also an active member of the Reserve Military of Malaysia. So... Do you think he can use real gun? Of course....!!! Currently he gained weight quite a lot of and now I am wondering whether he still can punch people like he used to. As the old sayings say, marriage will soften a person. I believe that is happening to him now, focusing more on work and becoming more workaholic. I am yawning as I wrote this para since I have to put some seriousness to describe his personality. I still remember he used to share about his legacy back his school days. He was known as one of the scariest person in hostel. I can imagine the was like a ‘Tai Ko’ in the Chinese movies, where there are some rebellions among the chief of their clans. He will be the Bruce Lee who will protect all his disciples. I know it is a bit exaggerating but he was really a fighter back in the school days.

As at now, he might be joking around with his beloved neighbour, Hafiz on their new found vocabulary in the office which is NCP an acronym for Non Competence Person and also few terms like Dodo, Didi and many more (Only used by the lunch monsters). As I said before, Hafiz has increased his popularity within his department. Maybe a Bonzer Man like Nizam also find Hafiz as an amusing creature because of his volume of voice fluctuates according to a situation. I think Nizam has found his pet buddy, the flower boy next desk (I am currently holding my laugh to the max!!!). He has NO idea that at this very moment I am recording all their behaviour in my writing. Maybe if he found out now, he will be rolling on the floor and laughing non-stop. He will be thankful to me for the good laugh. That’s for sure...


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