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Love is Invevitable Fall

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After taxes and death, there’s at least one other certainty in life: falling in love.
Sure, it might occur a little later in life than some of us would prefer. In most places, ‘taking the plunge’ tends to get deferred as education, career, independence and personal freedom become more valued. Of course, many still choose to marry relatively early – perhaps too early for their fretful parents, who often worry that their offspring are ‘taking the plummet’.
So versatile has the phrase ‘falling in love’ become that it can also describe a person’s strong sentiments towards objects. As such, it is now perfectly reasonable for one to fall in love with curtains, a pair of heels, or even hair styles. If the urge is compelling enough and the financial means are available, a brand new relationship usually ensues.
By the same token, many of us also fall hard for affinities as diverse as cats and countries. If the emotional bond is tight, we simply buy the feline from the animal shelter and take her home (where she’ll gradually end up owningus). But it doesn’t quite work the same way with countries: no nation is truly available for sale – unless its government, for political or economic reasons, decides it’s a good idea.
But there’s a risk, of course, that comes with falling in love: one day it may regress to ‘falling out of love’. If tabloids are a guide, this often happens to the rich and famous. Subscribing to the notion that yielding to temptation is the best way to deal with a predicament, people seem to be increasingly falling out of love with their spouses when an attractive young suitor happens to strut past.
On a more positive note, falling out of love can also occur in the realm of ideology. People who once believed that a certain ‘ism’ was the sole answer to the woes of the world may, at a certain point in their lives, become disenchanted with it. After allowing the system to run its course and seeing it fail to deliver, proponents turn into detractors and decide to dump it.
Like mounting unpaid bills, falling in love with someone – or a cuddle-crazed cat – gives us sleepless nights. Love is humanity’s strongest emotion. We feel, we fall, we love, we are.



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