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My Buddies Are My Heroes...

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"Lunch Monsters"

As I looked at my computer watch, I can feel that my stomach is drumming with gassy kind of feelings, a way of telling my brain that I am starving. As expected, my extension line is ringing.

"Sue, come on... let’s go!! We are waiting for you at the reception" Marilyn or famously known as Baby is shouting to go out for lunch. In the end, I still can hear the cracking voice of Hafiz making fun of a lot of things about me. It is not surprising since he never run out of ideas of saying weird things about me. Sometimes I can’t help but feeling AMAZED about his 'GIFTED' ability of mocking me to the greatest level of annoyance.  I grabbed my purse and ran towards my lunch monsters buddies.

Well, I think I should do some introduction to my crazy friends and a little bit of myself. Actually I work with one of the most powerful Authority in the island of Labuan, a Federal Territory in Malaysia. I am a processing officer for the licensed entities and also handling the inquiries from our clients. Basically, if you know how the bank teller works you will be able to imagine how I work. Our clients can actually ask us everything under the sun about our products and services. We enforce and supervise them and we have long vision to be the best financial regulator in the Asia Pacific Region. We hope that one day we can beat the British Virgin Island in terms of the company incorporation. But it seems hopeless. Sigh...It is so cruel for me to say so...but I still hope we manage to achieve our target someday. Only god knows when that would be. We barely reached to ten thousand companies this year. This is part of the puzzle. My advice, do not stress yourself by trying too much on understanding what am I doing because you might have to spend the rest of your night digging your school book and trying to understand the industry that I am currently in especially when you stumble to the ‘Offshore’ term, you will start to be suspicious and start to have a lot of questions. Save that for laaaaater...ok? giggle giggle.....

Back to my crazy friends. Remember the crazy guy named Hafiz in the second para? For some weird reasons, he seems like glue that sticks us together in the 'Lunch Monsters' group. We have a dedicated whatsapp group for us where we can chat almost every single thing happened in our daily life. The Lunch Monsters consists with Nizam, Marilyn, Hafiz, Elaine and obviously ME. Let me introduce you to these peoples.

At first, I am not confident that I will be able to finally write my masterpiece but I asked myself...WHY NOT?? Since I have lot things to express to each and every one of you....

Monster 1
Nizam –The Big Brother

I still remember, when I first met him I thought he is much older than me. His hair style was just like the uncles in their mid 30s. It was an epic hairstyle which suit the 'Ahjusshi' generation (I forgot to mention that I am an avid fan of Kpop industry, less than the fanatics but not lunatics. Those who are in the same boat like me...I am sure you will understand) I am having difficulties to describe his hairstyle because it was not in the list of the 100 hairstyles of the last 100 years. I googled and finally I found some literatures about his hairstyle, it was called a 'middle parted' hairstyle or 'belah tengah' in Malay vocabulary.  Hair gel plays the most crucial part to ensure the middle parted hair stay where they supposed to be. The last time I remember the style was famous during my school days back in the 1990s. Forgive me if the term is wrong, I might be caught by the fashion police for wrong usage of words and definition. As far as I knew him, he has been a good friend. Sometimes I wish that I have real older brother like him. You will be surprise by his intelligence and his wisdom in lot area of life. Maybe his experience dealing with older peoples made him being so resourceful. His best characteristic would be loving husband to Mrs. Haruko Aida and doting daddy to Princess Aleesya. I think Nizam can be nominated as Malaysia's Prime Minister since he cares a lot about the local politics more than average people. His patriotic spirit is highly respectable. Despite of the controversial ‘Kangkung’ issue in the media, he is still looking at the positive way and try to give constructive criticism to the current government.

His second name is 'Bonzer Man' since he practice the martial art called 'Silat Gayung' only can be found in Malaysia. In addition, he also an active member of the Reserve Military of Malaysia. So... Do you think he can use real gun? Of course....!!! Currently he gained weight quite a lot of and now I am wondering whether he still can punch people like he used to. As the old sayings say, marriage will soften a person. I believe that is happening to him now, focusing more on work and becoming more workaholic. I am yawning as I wrote this para since I have to put some seriousness to describe his personality. I still remember he used to share about his legacy back his school days. He was known as one of the scariest person in hostel. I can imagine the was like a ‘Tai Ko’ in the Chinese movies, where there are some rebellions among the chief of their clans. He will be the Bruce Lee who will protect all his disciples. I know it is a bit exaggerating but he was really a fighter back in the school days.

As at now, he might be joking around with his beloved neighbour, Hafiz on their new found vocabulary in the office which is NCP an acronym for Non Competence Person and also few terms like Dodo, Didi and many more (Only used by the lunch monsters). As I said before, Hafiz has increased his popularity within his department. Maybe a Bonzer Man like Nizam also find Hafiz as an amusing creature because of his volume of voice fluctuates according to a situation. I think Nizam has found his pet buddy, the flower boy next desk (I am currently holding my laugh to the max!!!). He has NO idea that at this very moment I am recording all their behaviour in my writing. Maybe if he found out now, he will be rolling on the floor and laughing non-stop. He will be thankful to me for the good laugh. That’s for sure...

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10 Sure Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job

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by Elizabeth Palermo, BusinessNewsDaily Contributor   |   July 02, 2014 09:46am ET
It's a dilemma many workers face — how to know when it's time to quit. If you're not sure whether you should stick with the job you're in or throw in the towel, a few signs can help you decide. 
To find out exactly what these signs are, and what they really mean, Business News Daily asked employees in a variety of fields how they know it's time to move on. 
From not being able to get out of bed in the morning to dreaming about your cubicle every night, here are the top 10 signs that it's time to quit your job:
Extreme boredom
Sure, some days at work are more exciting than others, but if you find that every day in the office is a snooze-fest, it may be time to find a new gig. 
As an executive career coach and former employee turned entrepreneur, Jessica Manca knows a few things about calling it quits. But she cites boredom as the number one sign that it's time to throw in the towel. 
Manca — whose company, Managing Mindspaces, helps professionals balance their paychecks with their passions — said that if you're bored, have lost motivation, are just going through the motions or are procrastinating more than usual at work, you may want to consider looking for a more fulfilling job.
That sinking feeling
If just thinking about your job makes you want to throw up, guess what? It's time to quit. 
"I literally would wake up feeling sick to my stomach, dreading the drive into work," said Myra Dorsey, owner of La Bodi Massage Inc. in Maryland, who worked for three Fortune 500 companies before founding her own company in 2011. 
Lori Malett, president of Hatch Staffing Services in Milwaukee, said her formula for knowing when it's time to quit also involves certain stomach-turning feelings.
"It is time to quit when you wake up every day with a pit in your stomach, dreading getting in the shower and going to work," said Malett. "It is time to quit when you leave work each day, already dreading and thinking about coming in the next day."
No room for growth
Being comfortable in your position is a good thing. However, being so comfortable in your position that you're never challenged or intrigued is definitely not a good thing. If your job just doesn't stimulate you like it used to, it might be time to move on. 
"Once you stop learning and growing in your job, it's time to look for something else," said Adam Grealish, founder of, a job recommendation engine for finance and tech workers. 
Steve Langerud, a workplace consultant and human relations specialist, agrees. Langerud said it's time to quit when you want to develop new skills that you simply can't learn at your current job.
Failing mental health
If your current position causes you so much stress that you fear your mental health is at stake, get out of there fast!
"When I started waking up at night shaking because I was having nightmares about my boss, I knew it was time to quit," said Suzi Istvan, a brand strategist and Web developer. "A job isn't worth losing sanity!"
Tom Mulherin, who very recently quit his teaching job in Baltimore, relayed a similar message. After working for a year in a failing school system, Mulherin said he decided that his mental health, self-respect and need to escape stress were too important; he couldn't let his nightmare of a job continue to jeopardize them. 
"I gave my two weeks' notice to my employer, and almost immediately felt a sense of liberation, positive momentum and relief that I have not felt in a period of time," Mulherin said. 
Something better (for your soul) comes along
Perhaps one of the clearest signs that it's time to quit your job is if a better position becomes available to you. But judging a "better" opportunity isn't as clear-cut as you might think. Just because another position pays more, that doesn't mean you'll be happier in it.
Langerud said you can judge if something is actually a better opportunity (and a viable reason to quit) by whether or not the new position "feels like home or fills a deeper need." 
Langerud has himself quit many a job, for many a reason, he said, but quitting for something more than just a bigger paycheck, he explained, led him to better career opportunities. 
Retirement seems much too far away 
If you're under the age of 40 and you can't stop dreaming about retirement, you may want to consider changing careers. That was the case for Gregory Gass, who, after nearly 10 years as a pediatric anesthesiologist, left his job to pursue a career as a psychiatrist. How did he know it was time to make a change? 
"All I could think about was how quickly I could retire," Gass said. "I was 38."  
Things are going from bad to worse 
Some days at work are bound to be better than others, but if you get the impression that each new day on the job is a little worse than the one before it, it might be quitting time. 
"I would say it is time to quit once the factors determining your job satisfaction are changing permanently for the worse, with no hope of improvement," said Liz Jackson, with Agency Fusion, a Web design and development firm in Utah.
As Jackson explained, if the company you work for makes a big change — hiring scores of new employees, changing its management structure, etc. — you might find that you no longer like working for that company. Recognizing this fact, and being proactive about it, is a healthy reason to quit.
You don't fit in 
Sometimes, it takes a while to adjust to a new job. But if you've been in the same position for some time, and you still don't feel like you fit in, you might want to seek employment elsewhere. 
Karin Hurt — leadership consultant, speaker, educator and CEO of Let's Grow Leaders  — said that when there are no kindred spirits in sight, it's time to find a new job. Not fitting in, Hurt said, might do more than hold you back from making friends; more importantly, it might keep you from finding the mentors you need to grow in your career. 
This double whammy of lack of work friends and lack of guidance is a lonely place to be, Hurt said, and can lead to other negative ramifications at work, like feeling grouchy, unappreciated or trapped.
Your jar is empty ... literally
If you're not comfortable leaving your job based on an intangible "sign" or feeling, there's another way to make the decision. Diane Hansen, chief inspiration officer at What Works Coaching, a business consulting company in Carson City, Nevada, has devised a system for her clients who are thinking of leaving their positions for greener pastures.
"Get a small Mason jar, and fill it with rocks," Hansen said. "The size of those rocks is up to you. The more you want to quit right now, the bigger the rock. But don't choose any rocks bigger than half the size of your fist."
If this method sounds strange so far, just keep reading. As Hansen explained, every time something happens that makes you want to quit your job, you should remove a rock from the jar. Every time you have a moment that, if repeated, would make you want to stick with the job you have, add a rock to the jar. 
"Do this until the jar is either empty or you can no longer put rocks in the jar," Hansen said. "Then, make your decision."

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Love is Invevitable Fall

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The original article can be viewed at this url:
After taxes and death, there’s at least one other certainty in life: falling in love.
Sure, it might occur a little later in life than some of us would prefer. In most places, ‘taking the plunge’ tends to get deferred as education, career, independence and personal freedom become more valued. Of course, many still choose to marry relatively early – perhaps too early for their fretful parents, who often worry that their offspring are ‘taking the plummet’.
So versatile has the phrase ‘falling in love’ become that it can also describe a person’s strong sentiments towards objects. As such, it is now perfectly reasonable for one to fall in love with curtains, a pair of heels, or even hair styles. If the urge is compelling enough and the financial means are available, a brand new relationship usually ensues.
By the same token, many of us also fall hard for affinities as diverse as cats and countries. If the emotional bond is tight, we simply buy the feline from the animal shelter and take her home (where she’ll gradually end up owningus). But it doesn’t quite work the same way with countries: no nation is truly available for sale – unless its government, for political or economic reasons, decides it’s a good idea.
But there’s a risk, of course, that comes with falling in love: one day it may regress to ‘falling out of love’. If tabloids are a guide, this often happens to the rich and famous. Subscribing to the notion that yielding to temptation is the best way to deal with a predicament, people seem to be increasingly falling out of love with their spouses when an attractive young suitor happens to strut past.
On a more positive note, falling out of love can also occur in the realm of ideology. People who once believed that a certain ‘ism’ was the sole answer to the woes of the world may, at a certain point in their lives, become disenchanted with it. After allowing the system to run its course and seeing it fail to deliver, proponents turn into detractors and decide to dump it.
Like mounting unpaid bills, falling in love with someone – or a cuddle-crazed cat – gives us sleepless nights. Love is humanity’s strongest emotion. We feel, we fall, we love, we are.

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Before I made a leap..

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This article was taken somewhere from the internet. I believe it was someone's story which inspired me to at least try to make a LEAP.... Maybe later I will change the story according to mine. (^_^)
Before I made the leap, I asked myself these questions:
1. Does what I do align with who I am?
I felt like I was constantly searching for something, anything to make me care about the outcome at my old job. The problem was that I didn't care. Beyond improving the bottom line, I really felt like there was no greater mission, no greater goal, and not a whole lot of growth for me personally or professionally.
2. Am I willing to make sacrifices to pursue my passion? (And will that make me happy?)
What I didn't realize was that I need a few things to be happy, and they weren't what I thought they were until I switched my job. I thought I just wanted to be the yoga-pant-wearing, fruit hawking, blog-writing, health and wellness professional and speaker. But it turns out what what makes me really happy in my new life is to live with a meaningful purpose by expanding our community's consciousness around food and wellness.
3. How will my current skills translate to my new world?
Even though I plan to switch industries, I didn't leave all of my skills and contacts behind. I've brought them from my former life and am applying them to something I truly believe in. For example, I still have to hustle to open doors, just as I did in my old job. To my surprise, people from my old life have gone out of their way to introduce me to new friends.
4. Do I have a great support system?
I am blessed to have a ridiculously supportive husband and family and a rockstar team at work. I've also built up a network of wellness professionals that I can call if I need help or just someone to relate to. Being in the wellness field can be exhausting (oh the irony), so having those that back you up and keep you focused is crucial.
5. Am I ready to take a long-term view of my goals?
Wellness is a growing field, and depending upon where you live, it's either in its baby-stages or already a major part of the culture. Be patient. Just because you want everyone in the world to make chia seed smoothies, doesn’t mean they will. Sometimes we have to wean people off diet soda first, and then show them how good that feels. Show your clients new ways of doing things. Support them as they change. Repeat.
6. Do you know what my purpose is?
I am clear that my purpose is to grow wellness in America. Selling produce is just one of the vehicles for delivering that purpose. Don’t be rigid that yoga, acupuncture, reiki, Paleo, or any other holistic method as the only way. You are here to serve others, and have a mission. Otherwise, most likely, you wouldn’t be reading this blog.
7. Am I brave enough to do what I love?
Most of us are encouraged to take the logical, safe route, instead of listening to what our hearts and minds are telling us. If you truly believe in what you're doing, take the long-term approach, hustle, and put the work in to fulfilling your purpose. It’s a day in and day out experience. Trust me, not every day is going to be full of rainbows. It may take a little longer for the money to arrive or for the client to bite, but once it starts rolling, it’s totally worth it.
So long story short, I jumped. I was presented with a dream opportunity to join an organic produce buying club, and help them expand membership and launch their Corporate Wellness Programs. We currently work with some of South Florida’s largest companies.
I knew about CSAs, and had always loved the concept and the convenience, but it wasn’t until I joined (first as a member, then as an employee) that I fully understood what a wonderful choice I had made.

I don't know what I was afraid of, other than the unknown. But if I hadn't jumped, I would have never known how that vast ocean of wonderful possibilities might bring me. Looking back, I will always wonder why I didn't do it sooner.

Between Manchester and Durham?

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Ok... I have started my ground work and it seems that I will proceed to apply for both of these universities ie. MBS Business School and Durham Business School. Both will be for Doctor in Business Administration. 

1. First Choice

2. Second Choice

Currently doing all the necessary, finalising my summary of research area. well, if I did not TRY, the answer will always NO. So I decided to give this a shot.

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2015 Resolution

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I took this interesting article by By SHARAD VERMA remind myself of things need to be
achieved this year... ^^
It is that time of the year again! This is the time when hope,
 wishes, joy and warmth form in our hearts, when we look back
and take stock of the year gone by and make plans ahead.
Like every year, we make resolutions to start the year on a positive
 note and to make progress. In this article I will cover how to
make resolutions from a professional perspective and suggestions for
How to make new year resolutions:
Take stock of the year that has gone by and look
at the patterns.
To take stock, review your diary or calendar, also look
at your mailbox, your connections on social media platforms,
your status updates, also review any feedback you have
received from your manager and colleagues.

 What are you most important achievements?Ask yourself:
2. What were the lows?
3. Who were the people that made you happy?
4. What are the best moments?
5. Which are your most valuable partnerships?
6. Who are the most important clients, stakeholders?
7. What did you set out to do but couldn't achieve?
8. What surprised you during the year?

Look for themes and messages that repeat and stand out.
Are there any underlying highlights? This will give you
 sufficient food for thought to prioritise and decide your focus
 areas for the New Year.
Take your time to mull over these topics and finalise
no more than three resolutions that you want to focus on.
These could be areas that have you an upside and
therefore you would like to continue to do more of.
Or they could be areas you want to do less or stop doing.
Think about what are the enablers or forces that favour
 you, and disablers or forces that could hinder your progress.
Put in place not just resolutions or goals but also a
"system" or tracking mechanism or an accountability
system that will help you keep on stay on course.
Here are some important resolutions for professional or
career successes that you could consider:

1. Develop your professional network
Networking is extremely important for success. Networks
 need to be real and not just people we are connected to
on social platforms. Make an attempt to meet up,
socialise, get to know face-to-face some of the
 important people in your network.

2. Learn a new skill
There are a plethora of courses available online
that can help to progress your career.
Take that step and choose one!

3. Find a mentor
Find a mentor in someone around you or
long distance, and specifically ask for mentoring
help, zeroing in on a development area.

4. Read a career development book
There are many great books out there -
order one and finish it. Make notes, takeaway lessons
 and start applying.

5. Build a close relationship with your boss
One of the best ways to kick-start your career is to
 develop your relationship with your manager. Set up
a meeting to clarify expectations, proactively seek
feedback, compliment him/her and start the year off on
 a great note.

6. Build subject matter expertise
Choose an area in which you want to be
 recognised as an expert. Attend training courses,
or deliver training, write papers, make presentations
 - make the small moves to be known as an expert.

7. Exercise
One of the best things to do for career growth
 is regular exercise. Exercise helps you stay positive,
be stress-free, develop stamina and to work towards
your success.

8. Manage time
Managing time is key to becoming productive
and getting more done. The start of the year is
 a great time to identify your time and energy drains
and to make a fresh start.

9. Write better emails
New Year is a good time to write more thoughtful
and productive emails. To connect with people
 you normally don't and to resolve differences.

10. Beat procrastination
One of the more popular resolutions, beating
procrastination, is key to getting long pending plans
and projects under way. Guess what, New Year
is the best time to finally make it happen!

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