Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Should I take PHD?

Posted by Lil' Sue at 12/30/2014 11:12:00 AM
Dear all,

It's been long I did not write about anything. It is the end of year 2014, I must say this is a tough year for Malaysia. Looking at the degree of calamities and tragic incident involving the missing aircrafts. I cannot find 'words' to describe the level of distress. 

However, back to my topic above, should I take it or not? You know it is not CHEAP?? when I have to fork out my own money for all of that?

I have been planning to apply for MARA study loan and spent some times in the UK..but... with the recent tragedy of all the airlines...I am bit terrified to FLY. However, I believe in fate and destiny (Qada and Qadar). I should do some researches first before I really decide on this decision. 

First I will do the ground work first, I have learnt the hard way on the data and SPSS thingy. Maybe I should attend some briefing on PLS. Some people say it is easier. That one is really getting on my nerve. Econometrics?? is a No No. I have to explore more and see which one suits me the best.

Ok...gotta continue my work.


Norazo Aslan said...

Hi! i too have the same question. Im actually planning to further my Master in UK. Can you coach me on how to fork the money from scholarship or any sponsor or loan? im actually in Gov. line right now. But to apply for HLP it will take forever... TQ!

Lil' Sue said...

Norazo... U are currently in govt sector ..lagi best and Easy Peasy...
First, get the admission first from the so-called top unis in the UK. Kirim salam la mo masuk Cambridge hahaha..London School of Economics pun belum tentu pass...hehehehe... I mean try apply into top 10-100 unis in the UK. Once suda dapat... approach MARA for study loan unless your department mmg has an avenue to apply to study overseas. At the same time u can see whether any bursary applicable in those unis. You can try to apply...sbb lagi best dapat cover Tuition Fee and the MARA study loan..u can use for ur daily expenses. You also can apply for Cheavening Scholarship etc... byk tu. ...for my case it will be easier through MARA sbb my workplace not under JPA purview.


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