Sunday, July 13, 2014

Change Your Thoughts and Your Life Will Follow...

Posted by Lil' Sue at 7/13/2014 03:03:00 PM
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I love myself just as I am
I have a special, one of kind, God given destiny
Today I will take active steps to follow my dreams
I will walk by faith and not by sight
I will project positive, loving thoughts to those around me, even to those around me, even to those who HURT me
I have everything I need to fulfill my unique purpose
My every step is ordered
I greet the day with confidence, peace and joy
I am whole, healthy person. Any relationship I add to my life will be to complement me, not complete me
Every day, in every way, I am getting BETTER and BETTER!!!!!
-Quoted from Mandy Hale

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tarot for fun...

Posted by Lil' Sue at 7/11/2014 10:21:00 AM
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Despite the fierce competition, presence of windfall profits with the possibility of receiving an inheritance. Overcoming difficulties extending to the right time, confidence and good humor. 
Changes and unexpected revelations. Great physical and mental activity, before repressed energies that are now released with impetus. Mutual declarations of love. 
Youthful enthusiasm, yet soft. Chance of arrival of an emissary, a friend who can take charge of a mission. Start a relationship 
The intelligentsia tested. Struggle to find the exit of difficult situations and suffering in general, although it exists, and conquer it is a learning experience.

The world is blind to let you go without a partner. But do not worry in looking for a partner, let him find you. In the short term I see you find someone compatible with you. Your authority and intelligence scares people. Opens the heart to the world, that the world thanks you with all her love and who knows if one partner profession does not notice you.

Interpreted by

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Do You Know When You Love Someone?-By John Kim

Posted by Lil' Sue at 7/09/2014 01:31:00 PM
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I used to believe that love was a light switch. Something flicks on. You get an overwhelming sensation. It hits you like a bag of bricks. Or a strong arrow. When you know, you know. Right? Not so much. After 38 years and an expired marriage, I don’t see love that way anymore. I’ve placed Cupid right next to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

Love is a series of choices. The first choice is based on many many factors, including chemistry, principles, logic, humor, intelligence, body type, where we are in our lives, what we want/need… the list goes on and on, and the weight of each factor varies depending on the individual. Based on these factors, we either choose to begin the process to love or not. If we decide to enter this process, the action of loving can bring “light switch” moments. The way he looks at you. How hard she makes you laugh. The notes he hides in your purse. The way she makes you feel when you don’t feel anything.

But like an airplane flight, there is turbulence. The fights. The disagreements. The little things that bother you. His socks. Her shopping. You start wondering if you’ve made the right choice. Once you are in doubt, you have to make another choice: to continue to fly with this person or jump out of the plane. This choice is based on a thousand other factors, again depending on the individual and where they are in their journey. If you decide to jump, the scary free fall will either make you stronger (grow) or miserable (depressed). But sooner or later, you’ll find yourself back at the airport waiting to board another plane. Then you hit turbulence. Or maybe there is no turbulence. Maybe you’ve changed your mind about the destination. Either way, another choice. Fly or jump?

Love is making a choice every single day, to either love or not love. That’s it. It’s that simple. Either to continue the process or not. We fall in and out of love. Even in relationships, especially in relationships. This doesn’t mean we don’t love the person. It means we are left with a choice. There is a difference between feeling love for someone (caring about a person) and loving someone (choosing to love that person). You may have love for someone forever. But that doesn’t mean you choose to love that person forever. The choice to love is not a feeling; it is an action. That is why it is so difficult. It requires you to do something, and I’m not just talking about buying flowers. It might mean putting your wants aside. Also, like chemistry, the ability to love is not a constant. It is a variable. It fluctuates, depending on where you’re at in your life and what you’re struggling with. Sometimes it is easy to love. Sometimes it is extremely difficult. But at the end of the day, it’s always a choice.

Although love varies, it also deepens. This means the longer you stay on that flight and embark on the journey together, the more fruit the process with bare. Your investment pays off. Your choices become easier. You not only become stronger as a couple, but also as individuals, assuming the love process is healthy - which means you guys are both doing work. The choice to love creates opportunity to hit notes in life that you could never hit alone, and THIS is what makes your choice worth it.

So, how do you know if it’s love? That is not the question to ask. The question is: Do you choose to love this person or not? Right now. Not tomorrow. Today. Make a choice. Yes or no. If the answer is yes, love as hard as you can. Love with everything you’ve got (your capacity right now at this point in your life). If the answer is no, promise me one thing.

Let the fall make you stronger. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Oh My English...

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Early in the morning...En. Salam had started his morning lecture about slangs/accents and somebody in other government body. Everybody can hear him clearly. It crossed my mind about ME. Last Friday our trainee asked me:
"Are you the external examiner that came to our presentation last time? Because...your accent sounds familiar"..
Yes I was the one. Glad that she informed me that it was good experience and exposure to their batch. Me and my friend gave an assessment for their final project for Corporate Finance in UMS Labuan. The point was...she recognised me based on my accent. I was wondering, was it a good thing or bad thing.  I don't intend to speak with fake accent. I described my way of speaking english is in the mid of british and american slang. I just did what my teacher taught me. I would say that my pronunciation was hugely affected by my love of MUSIC. I still remember that my English teacher used to say. Do you listen to Mariah Carey? So u have to sound like the way she say every single word. She has very CLEAR pronounciation of 'R'. My love for art and music had helped me a lot. One thing for sure, If I speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and even DUSUN, I sound like them. That is great to begin with. I always have passion about languages. Is it a good indication??? In school, during the class my friend did asked. 'How did you do that? I mean..the way you speak?". Looking back at it now, I was living in the suburb village. I did not have access to differentiate the English accents. I only have TV1 and TV2 to be watched. Some people might think that I am sooo weird for speaking like the way I speak now. I know I did not stay in London for years or even America. But last time, when my lecturer asked me where are you from?? Sabah, I replied. No wonder you sound different. Actually you sound like an American. (I don't even know I was speaking like an American. It was back in 2001).
Should I take it as a compliment?
I never set my foot in America. I think that was the price of being a TV addict. As long it is something to do with sound and languages, I think I am ok with it. It depends on an individual on how they utilise their tongue. So... I think I don't want to think much about my accent. I will just speak with the way I feel comfortable, it is not because I want to speak with FAKE accent, just because I believe it should be sounding that way. That's all.

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