Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just a thought....

Posted by Lil' Sue at 6/19/2013 01:23:00 PM
I have not gone for any interview for the past 3 years... No wonder I felt butterfly in my stomach just at the thought of sitting for an entrance exam...lols!! God is gracious and most merciful... thinking about it, I had similar opportunity back in 2005. But I chose IBM over the agency under MITI. Actually I always picture myself working with the cross culture/ intercultural environment. For years, I developed crush on 'Tourism Industry' where I found my love for history, languages and culture. Being an International Trade student has given me an advantage to undertstand about the differences and barriers to trade and everything related to international transactions. It boosts up my confidence level since I am currently attached with offshore regulator, which I am pretty sure related to the assessment that I am going to sit on this weekend.

Fingers crossed...If I happen to go through this assessment, then I have to attend the physical test on the following week. I hope everything goes well. With the extra effort.. and the prayers to the ALMIGHTY... 

I will definitely get it! (Super positive mode ^^)~~~ visualize your dream



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