Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Korean Adventure Day 1

Posted by Lil' Sue at 5/26/2013 07:28:00 PM
Anyong Haseyo...
I think it's about time for me to do some recaps for my Korean adventure 2013 ^^!
The spring breeze brought a  delightful feelings for the four travellers with different agendas. As for myself, I have covered some places in Seoul before. Thus, I am not really having a butterfly in my stomach for this time around.

Ira, Intan & Nurul (The siblings)
The original idea for this trip was ALL about experiencing culture and the peoples. Nurul and Intan were focusing on the idea of their Hallyu Stars (^_^), eyeing for the right time on the music showcase and also SHOPPING. It paid off by being at the front liner in the 2PM Mnet comeback stage for their new album in Gangnam subway station. I am a fan of 2PM but I am not so into them...hahhahaa...Literally means that I am their half-fan...

Ok... since we were residing at May GuestHouse, which is located around HapJeong area, the bus number 6002 is the fastest and most convenient mode of transportation. It costs around 10,000 won-one way ticket. On the first day, we decided to to explore the Itaewon and Namsan Tower. Again, I have visited these two places before. Not so much thing to say. Cable car. The love-locks. This time I wrote a message on the tiles and paste it on the wall. I heard it will be there for two years and they will throw it away or you can get it back if you want.
Somewhere around Itaewon

Nurul: Ahjumma!!! lols...
The Three Stooges hehehe exploring Itaewon
We spent half a day at Namsan Tower...There were some cultural performance and martial arts demonstration.

Strawberry time...

Haechi ...Anyong!!! ^^



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