Monday, December 17, 2012


Posted by Lil' Sue at 12/17/2012 02:29:00 PM

Honestly I am really TIRED. Now I understand why Gemini person always associated with RESTLESSNESS and multitasking activities.. I have applied for Exam leave from 13-18 Dec but everything seems to be very PACKED. I cant even have a chance to meet up with my friend...starting with exam in KK. The concert..fangirling session... window shopping in KK..and selecting the tiles for my house...everything need to be decided. Planning with my brothers and sisters...about their studies and stuff.. I am thankful that the Durians are growing so well at the backyard of our house... Seeing it made me realized how fast the TIME flies... I knew it took quite long to finish our house but along the way... I also learn about other things....

I am quite excited to see how the tiles can be installed and grateful for the 'Uncle in Wha Guan' for giving  us some discounts on the tiles..huhuhuhu.. I really appreciate the uncle help...we did not get the exact tiles that we want but replaced it by White + Pinkish marble look alike, hope it will turn to be BEAUTIFUL...we chose light color to feel that the living room is SPACIOUS... Home is the best place to hangout with families and loved ones.

And now I am cracking my head to finish my advance stats assignment. headache...seriously...huhhuhu.....and tomorrow is my paper for Deposits and Financing Operations of Islamic Banks...

I have no more energy but I have to go through this... Ganbatte Kudasai!!!



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