Sunday, November 25, 2012


Posted by Lil' Sue at 11/25/2012 11:56:00 PM

It just amazed that me that LJW said this out during the interview which was held recently. I knew some people can just anything just for their own selfish means what he said is just FAKE. 

Well..well.. if people asked me what do I get from watching too much TV or korean dramas???...I can actually see how obvious people can change. How scary they may became. The drama in TV is always dramatic but remember that also based on a real life story. It is just being visualized to the TV screen. 

I dont know how to describe how much I HATE betrayal. When I saw this happening around me and also in the TV drama, it is making me SICK. Someone told me, dont watch TV soo much... it just a crappy things and made up. This is very unhealthy environment for me....The negative aura keep on coming one by one. Sigh.... Some STUPID male married their WIFE and suddenly having affair with another woman. How could he ignore his wife who had been there with him for years????  Taking care of his nonsense family affair...doing the dishes...sharing the ups and down but at last what she get is just his tantrum and his nasty words.....$^&*(&$&%*&(&*^(^&!!!!!

I am also so angry with myself. Once I have loved someone for years...I still remember....that he told me to my face that he got someone. I even running to catch him at the DAMN airport before he went overseas for his study. Thinking about it now, how could I grow my fondness to someone who NEVER appreciate what I did for him? How difficult it was for me to go to that extent????  Afterall...its seems that I was being MISLEAD for many times. Maybe by now....he is just too happy with his life and maybe ended up with someone he considers BETTER than me. It is ok to choose anyone he wants but It is so CRUEL for him to MISLEAD my feelings and pretended nothing is going on between US. Why should he try confuse me all the way from the beginning?? From what I see most men dont really grow up or matured. They dont know how to measure the implication that may cause from such actions...One day if they have daughters or younger sisters, I am pretty sure they will understand, if someone did that to their loved ones. I am sure KARMA will pay them out... What you did others you will definitely get it matter in what forms...

I just cant believe that I have to say this on my blog, but I think it is easier since I dont really have anyone to share my feelings right now.

Even though that I am moving on... I found myself being so hard to TRUST... I cant even open up to my family about how I really feel, eventho I feel burdensome, as if mountains put on my chest but in front of them I have to appear Strong and Nothing matters. Difficult to say... HOW come I became like this??? I missed that little girl..strong...and very passionate about life..bubbly and able to put happy face all the time..... My childhood is not that great but at least I am so full with HOPE... Too bad, the negative peoples around me had almost tarnished me ...ruined me into pieces...



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