Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just a thought...

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Word of Affirmation...

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Again.. I have to RE-AFFIRM on my next project next year. I cant really be doing the same thing over and over  again. I am quite SUFFOCATED with my current workplace. I have to find something that can motivate me to do at my very best. I am currently pursuing for my MBA and CIFP. I knew it is hectic to do all things at once but I think this is my time. Otherwise, time flies and I dont even know what have I achieved. Well, I might not like what is my JOB right now. However, I need to motivate myself, so I can be happy around peoples. Get rid of stressful situation and exploring possibilities. 

I have my milestones for my next year projects. I just hope everything went well... 

Ganbatte Kudasai!!! (^_^)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday thought...

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Boyz II Men - Doin' Just Fine...

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just came back from school...

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"Definition of beauty: When your heart is so full of love, you can look beyond your own pain and see the bigger picture in your sacrifice. No one needs to understand why you about to take the next step. The only person who matters in this situation is YOU. As long as you feel this is right, others should respect your decision.."

Monday, October 15, 2012

Well said...

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Dear my future half,
This is my belief since day one...
I know that someday I'll be looking at this phrase and said..
Yeah...that's ME..
All you have to say is...
"I will TRY my best to be by your your side..and I wont easily give up on US"

I am fully aware that NOTHING lasts forever...but at least 
that word will make me believe that 
you are for REAL...

Till then,

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Listen to me.....

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Ok...this is gonna be very weird...Why am I writing this in the first place? But I cant help it coz no one can really understand about how I feel. It is crazier to be missing them....I wonder what would they be thinking without each other??? Well...But even though we all know that it’s two people putting on a show, a part of our minds can’t help but think, “what if…?” and that’s what makes ‘We Got Married’ so powerful. It’s why we, as viewers, knowingly fall for their trap every Saturday, when we sit in front of our televisions (or computer monitors) and tune in to this on-going drama, fully knowing it’s not going to have a happy ending.

Of course, I believe some of the mission were scripted and I know both of them are actor and actress. They are professional at cheating people with their acting skills. Last time, during the 1st season, I only watched Sangchu couple. I dont believe Hyun Joong can fake blushes.. If he can do it....then he is the best actor in faking such feelings !!!.. 

I can see why I can relate so much on Woojung couple. They seemed so natural and most of the scenes were almost like the everyday couple would probably doing.... But somehow this show indeed one of the cruellest show that I've ever seen. I heard some rumors about the TARA group bullying their team member. Eunjung was being dropped to be the main lead of a drama. This is so sad when the Woojung couple being aired in such a short time compared to other couple. There are articles saying that this also because of the scandal on Tara. I feel sorry for Eunjung for having troubled times which was not even proven to be right... 

Top 10 scenes that I enjoyed:
1. Lombok Trip- where Jangwoo sing Kiss me song (Hug me song) and wedding with family, not forgetting the swimming pool scene...where they embraced each other looking at the moonlight. Reminds me of my trip in Bali
2. Camping with Eunjung's mom
3. Jangwoo's mom visiting and the aeygo dance beep bo beep and the card that Eunjung wrote to Jangwoo's mom
4. Jangwoo and Eunjung Take me as I am duet
5. MV shooting and the scene when Eunjung massage Jangwoo's neck...I cant forget his look...lols!! hahhaha
6. Jangwoo's scary surprise for Eunjung...the cake "Thank you for being born... I love you"
7. Eunjung's birthday surprise for Jangwoo where she danced for him.
8. The dance in club scenes..cute!!!
9. All the jealousy scenes and when Jangwoo went to buy their drinks with his barefoot...
10. Last but not the least the ending where I cried so much... as tearful song that Jangwoo dedicated for Eunjung...

Enough for now, people might think I am crazy for being so into this WGM much as I love Running Man, 1D2N and other variety shows... my heart still aching. Same feelings when I watched the last part of Sangchu couple in early 2009.  I still remember my new year ended with swollen eyes until morning...lols...

I dunno whether this is just me...but I really love the personality that Lee Jang Woo portrayed in WGM... plus he is so handsome...I think I have a soft heart towards a guy who sings for he mean it... LJW has such a beautiful voice and I wish that at least the Woojung couple were having REAL fun while filming the show. At least, they knew each other well and maintained good relationship. Their mothers were really COOL. I am planning to become a COOL and supportive Mother in Law in the future hahahhaha... cool and cute mother in law hahahhahaha.....

Back to the real life.... I was having a deep talk with my good friend about her divorced parents. I think I could understand what her mother felt about the other B8*&% that stole away their dad. I am sorry for saying this, but nice girl always will be defeated by a mean bitch who didnt care about the feelings of the other damaged party. How could she possibly talked bad about the mother in front of the daughter? It is a common trend when a guy who has POWER and MONEY, this will be the best time to test his LOYALTY. If he went to someone else, means he is  an ASSHOLE.  For woman, you can test her loyalty and sincerity while having a MAN who has nothing. If she is willing to stay with despite of your current status despite of all your lacking, means she is a gem. You will regret if you let her go...

Hmm... my hard disk broken... I guess so many things broken this year.... Will I be able to recover the data??? Maybe it's good that I accidentally lost it ...I am not sure..really....!!! Actually I said this to one of my friend...I don't like when my friend try to MATCHMAKE me with anyone, especially anyone in the vicinity of my office. I am FULLY aware that I am SINGLE but that does not mean that I am just going to accept anyone.... I am trying to concentrate on my work and study, so I could go away from MALAYSIA for few years... Like my previous entry, I am seriously looking for the opportunity to further my study in the UK. I will just finish my MBA and slowly looking for potential university in the UK....

I put so many things on this entry...
Be Happy!

I'm gonna miss you guys...


Eye Candy... (^_^)

I think...

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Woojung Couple -- A Thousand Years

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"Thousand Years"

Saturday, October 13, 2012


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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Piles of work skyrocketing!!!

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Ooo emmm gee... This is just crazy as you can think about... I dont have words to describe how much work that I have to do now. 5 subjects and also there will be a legal review for the company!!! Hmmmm.... My head feels like exploding!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Hate MAXIS!!!

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I just wanna say that I hate this telecommunication provider soooo much!!! They are giving me lots of head ache!!! How could they charge me RM250 for exceeding 1.7gig of internet usage???? Stupid blood sucking company!!! They are the most SUCKS and unreasonable telecommunication company that I ever met. I already cap my bills to RM 200 every month but they keep on charging me more and more. Misleading info and I am very unhappy with their CRAPPY and SHITTY excuses!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Crazy monday!!!

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Ok.. I am going to scold myself today!!! I woke up late and plus I have these weird music keep repeating in my head. I think I really love that song and it makes my heart flutters.. Ottokke?? I have lot more to do but that song still in my head. The voice that I want to forget... At least when I am in my workplace... I just think that I really love that song and that voice coz my unconcious mind still want it to be there... 

All of sudden, the urge to go to South Korea became more intense. This is very distracting.... Currently I have 5 subjects to conquer...and another upcoming talk in University of Brunei. Actually I am suppose not to have time to think about anything cheesy...especially a song... Well..I guess... I have fallen in LOVE with the song...hahhahaha....I cant help it.. (^_^)

I am suppose to finish piles of work and thats what Im gonna do now... Angel voice... Pls stop messing in my head for now...


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lee Jang Woo - Words I couldn't bear to say....

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Teary eyes...

10cm - 안아줘요 (Hold Me)

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Translation Hug Me
On that rainy night
Underneath the same umbrella
You promised to give me something
Have you forgotten?

On hard and dizzy days
When I stumble, you promised to give me something
Have you forgotten?

Give me, give me, give it to me now
Give me, give me, just give it to me

Hug me hug me hug me
Please hug me
Hug me hug me hug me
Please hug me

From the start of work till it’s over
The boss that hates me
Kept saying bad things to me

Before I start to cry
I wanted to have a cup of coffee
But there’s no one to call

Give me, give me, give it to me now
Give me, give me, just give it to me

Hug me hug me hug me
Please hug me
Hug me hug me hug me
Please hug me

Till your back goes out
Till your collarbone breaks
Till your neck is sore
Till your entire body gets red

huhuu...why I kept on watching programme that definitely will end me up crying like crazy..????
I promised not to watch any of the WGM show but I did it again..
I thought I will no more affected...
If they were faking the show...
I must say that they are the best actor and actresses...

Friday, October 5, 2012

WooJung Couple..(^_^)

Posted by Lil' Sue at 10/05/2012 02:43:00 PM
0 comments Links to this post can I get rid of this hopeful thinking..I swore after Joongbo I dont wanna torture myself with this anymore??? this HURTS me so much...huhuhuhu...especially seeing they have to be apart. But I still think they can be together outside if they want to... I am not fan of Lee Jong Woo or Eun Jung before this. The Korean reality show is quite scary of making a reality show because it really touches people's heart. They should not do this so often, coz it it breaks my heart. I dunno how much I cried for JoongBo ... people always said it is just on screen and might be scripted BUT for me there will be always lesson to be learned in so many ways. 

These couples tried to make things work and settle their difference. If I will find my other half anytime soon. I'll make sure that I will settle down with someone that can tolerate with my behaviour....and  someone that can make me HAPPY....Insya Allah...

Sometimes I wonder, these type of guy seem to exist in some other part of this planet...but honestly I never met any of those species...hahhaha... Nevermind...never give up on LOVE. Aja aja fighting!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday presentation

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Today will be my first presentation for my entrepreneur class. I will b talking about Grameen Bank and its founder Mr Muhammad Yunus. He is visionary entrepreneur and philantropist. He had changed the women mindset in Bangladesh and improved their lifestyle by being a bank to the poor people. This is an honourable act for someone who obtained knowledge and use it for good cause.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Motivation to finish my MBA...

Posted by Lil' Sue at 10/01/2012 01:36:00 PM
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Hahahha.. it is my very 1st day of the week. Feel relieved for sorting out temporary solution for my domestic matters. Thank God! So...tonight I have Accountinng class and god knows how I dont like accounting stuff but I have to face it no matter what....

Here are some pictures that will keep motivated....(^_^)


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