Saturday, September 8, 2012


Posted by Lil' Sue at 9/08/2012 01:21:00 AM
I am hooked with this!!! Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah new drama... I always has this special feelings for classic drama. The storyline is a combination of creepy black magic and lost souls. Arang (Shin Min-ah) was the daughter of the magistrate before she was murdered in a mysterious manner. She has returned as a ghost attempting to plead with the following magistrates to find her murderer as she has no memories of her own to fall back onto. However, the previous three died. Thus, enter Lee Eun-oh(Lee Jun-ki), son of a prominent noble and a peasant woman (or servant). He’s on journey with his faithful manservant Dol-swe (Kwon Oh-joong) to find his mother, who disappeared from her previous residence without leaving many clues behind. Through an unexpected series of events, Eun-oh becomes the new magistrate and decides to help Arang with her mystery for the sake of finding his mother: Arang claims to have awoken as a ghost with the very same hair adornment that Eun-oh had given his own mother. As such, his belief is that helping Arang retrieve her memories and find her murderer is the way to find his mother. I am now in episode 8.. (^_^) Looking forward for the next episode...Thanks to the privilege of having executive floor in Fairmont Singapore Hotel. The internet is superb!!



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