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PHD Research Proposal Preparations

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Your research proposal

The research proposal is an integral part of your application, as it informs us of your research plans and enables us to identify supervisors who have an interest in the area proposed.
The research proposal will be evaluated in terms of whether you have the key skills to carry out the work, the academic reasons why you have chosen Durham Business School, the clarity of your research questions, and the importance of the topic.
Your PhD research proposal of between 1,500-2,000 words should cover the following topics:

A working title of the topic area

This should do more than convey the key words associated with the proposed research.

General overview of area

By way of introduction this should take the form of a relatively brief abstract of the general area of study and identify the discipline(s) within which it falls. You might also point here to the way in which your background gives you competences in your chosen area.

Identification of the relevant literature

In this section you should develop your proposal to demonstrate that you are aware of the debates and issues raised in relevant bodies of literature. References to key articles and texts should be made to show both that you appreciate their relevance to your research area. A PhD is an original piece of research and so you should demonstrate that you proposed area has not been studied before. So you need to identify your niche, which will lead on to the thesis preparation.

Key Research Questions

Since you need to demonstrate that the topic can be completed within the normal time period allowed, you need to demonstrate that it is manageable and so focus on key questions within your niche area.


You need to demonstrate an awareness of the methodological tools available to you and show some understanding of which would be suitable for your research. It may be that qualitative methods, including the analysis of interviews, are appropriate. Alternatively your approach may involve forecasting or statistical, financial or econometric modelling, in other cases you may be combining methodologies. You need to specify the approach you feel will be most appropriate.

Timescale/research planning

You need to demonstrate an awareness of the need for planning and the timescale of the research.


You should include a short list of references to key articles and texts included in the application.

Collecting Info...for PHD

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PhD by Research-University of Durham

DCIEF offers specialised research degrees in most areas of Islamic finance and banking. As part of the degree programme students normally attend a module on Islamic economics and Shari'ah compliant finance. There are also weekly Research Support Workshops.
The Research Degrees offered in Islamic Finance are recognised by the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education, the Central Bank of Bahrain and Bank Negara, the Central Bank of Malaysia.
Current PhD research areas:
  • An Empirical Investigation of Operational Risk Management in Islamic Banks: An Integrated Approach; 
  • Performance Measurement and Profitability of Islamic Banks in Sudan;
  • The Merits in Applying AAOIFI Accounting Standards in the Islamic Banking Sector in Saudi Arabia;
  • A Study of the Investment Policies of Takaful Companies and the Factors Influencing their Investment Decisions;
  • Modelling Risk Management for Islamic Financial Products in Malaysia;
  • Comparative Analysis on Capital Adequacy and Risk Taking Behaviour among Financial Institutions across Select Middle East Countries and Malaysia
  • Institutional Dimensions of Economic Stagnation in the Muslim World: An Islamic Political Economy Approach;
  • Social Dimensions of Islamic Investment in Malaysia;
  • Service Quality Measurement in Islamic Banks in UAE;
  • Measuring the Performance of Islamic Mutual Funds;
  • Developing Sukuk Structure Beyond the Traditional Models: Overcoming Risk Implications
  • Religious Determinants of Economic Behaviour: The Case of Algerian Youth;
  • Evaluating Islamic Home Financing in Malaysia;
  • Islamic Home Financing in Kuwait;
  • Islamic Corporate Social Governance and Ethical Investment in Turkey;
  • Developing Financing for SME's in Saudi Arabia;
  • Exploring the Potential for Islamic Finance in Libya;
  • Evaluating the Demand for Islamic Mortgages in the UK.

Why a PhD?

  • studying at PhD level is a challenging and stimulating experience
  • develop your analytical, conceptual and critical thinking skills to the highest level
  • be part of a vibrant, lively and welcoming research-led community
  • make yourself stand out in the job market: our postgraduates are in high demand, with the majority finding employment right away, either in universities or in industry.

Why Durham?

Durham Business School is the ideal place to gain your qualification. Our expertise, innovative approach and academic rigour ensure our place as a world-class business school and our relevance for both today and tomorrow's business world.
  • an internationally renowned and research-led business school
  • RAE ranking: 95% of our research is of International Quality and above.
  • ESRC-recognition for all research degrees
  • an excellent research training programme to get you off to a good start
  • a truly international community, with students and staff from over 100 countries
  • the School is ranked 14 in the UK and 41 in Europe in the FT European Business Schools rankings
  • triple accreditation: AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) accreditation and AMBA (Association of MBAs)
  • study in an environment of innovation and enterprise in a beautiful and historic location

Entry Requirements and How to Apply

We have two intakes a year, in October and January. The deadlines for applications are:
  • October 2012 intake: 30 June 2012
  • January 2013 intake: 31 October 2012

Entry Requirements

Applicants should make sure they meet the following entry requirements:
  • For UK students: a Masters degree, normally with a mark of at least 60% in your Masters dissertation.
    For non-UK students: a degree that is equivalent to a UK Masters. You also need to have completed and passed (at a level equivalent to at least 60%) a dissertation module. Please check here for further
  • In addition, if English is not your first language, evidence of competence in written and spoken English will be required. This will normally be through TOEFL or IELTS as follows:
    • IELTS 6.5 (with no element below 6.5)
    • TOEFL (IBT) at least 96 (with no element under 24)

      Please note that these can be no more than 2 years old at the month the programme starts, e.g. for a programme commencing in October 2011 the IELTS or TOEFL test must have been taken in or after October 2009. This is a requirement of the UK Border Agency for your Tier 4 study visa.
It is important that your general research interests match those of at least one member of our academic staff.  For information on the range of expertise and experience of our academic faculty and details of their research interests, please visit Our Research and Faculty.

How to Apply

Successful application is based on your ability to meet the entry requirements, your research proposal and the School's capacity to provide relevant supervision for your research.
Our admissions process follows three stages:

Stage One

Please ensure that: 
  • you meet our entry requirements (above)
  • you can meet the financial requirements of the programme
  • you have your research proposal ready.

Stage Two

Applications should be made using the on-line application form. You will be asked for the following information:
  • academic qualifications and career to date
  • an outline of your research interests
  • the names and addresses of two academic referees
  • any specific support needs you may have
  • your chosen College. (If you wish to read for a full-time programme you must become a member of one of our Colleges or Societies as well as being accepted by a department. Find out more about the College system and the Durham colleges.)
The following documents should also be submitted online as part of your application. Without these documents your application cannot be processed:
  • Research proposal of 1500-2000 words. Please submit your proposal within the section of the online application entitled 'Other Relevant Experience'.  However, if your research proposal contains tables or equations, please upload your document via the 'supporting documents' section under 'Scholarships/Other'.
  • Copies of certificates of degrees awarded (up to 3 may be uploaded)
  • Copies of transcripts of modules studied (up to 3 may be uploaded)
  • Evidence of proficiency in English (where this is not your first language)
  • Two references, one of which must be academic. (Reference letters should be emailed directly to us by your referees using the downloadable reference form.) 
  • Your Curriculum Vitae.
If you experience any difficulty in attaching your supporting documents to your online application, you may email them to us

Stage Three

We will process your application on the basis of all the information provided and will normally let you know our decision within four to six weeks. In certain circumstances we may need to request further information. 
A successful application will be sent to Durham University's Student Recruitment and Admissions Office (SRAO) with a recommendation for approval. (We will contact you direct if we are unable to recommend your application for approval.)
The SRAO is responsible for approving all postgraduate applications. You should be aware that approval by the SRAO is not a formality and that in some cases where we recommended approval, the SRAO will be unable to support this. Until you receive an offer from the Student Recruitment and Admissions Office, you have not received a formal offer of a place.

Contact us

If you have any queries about the application process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:
Doctoral Admissions, Durham Business School
Elvet Hill House, Elvet Hill Road
Durham, DH1 3TH, UK
Tel: +44 (0)191 334 5404

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Love is a Verb ....

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Love is a verb
It ain't a thing
It's not something you own
It's not something you scream

When you show me love
I don't need your words
Yeah love ain't a thing
Love is a verb
Love ain't a thing
Love is a verb

Love ain't a crutch
It ain't an excuse
No you can't get through love
On just a pile of IOUS

Love ain't a drug
Despite what you've heard
Yeah love ain't a thing
Love is a verb
Love ain't a thing
Love is a verb

So you gotta show, show, show me
Show, show, show me
Show, show, show me
That love is a verb

Yeah you gotta show, show, show me
Show, show, show me
Show, show, show me
That love is a verb

Love ain't a thing
Love is a verb

No one walks in ur shoes...

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Friday thought!!

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I have been thinking. It is long way to go. At least I am going for a direction. Now I have to gear up and finished what have I started. I think it is the time to change. 2 years in Labuan, at least I am pursuing for MBA and professional cert. Maybe next year PHD? Who knows? Alhamdulillah I am still breathing and live my day. I just hope things will get better... Insya Allah..

[MTV] Sleeq & Najwa Latif - Untuk Dia

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For me this is very cute song...
It made me smiles...

Monday, September 24, 2012

This is cool....

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【前线娱乐】"茜拉"征服全场勇夺冠军Asian Wave Champion Shila Amzah [FULL]

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Congrats Shila Amzah for winning 2012 Asian Wave!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


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Ajari Aku tuk mencintaimu...

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Anuar Zain - Sempurnakan Aku....

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"Tahukah dirimu
Kau bawa setengah hatiku hilang
Bersama hampa di hidupku
Hanyalah dirimu yang mampu lengkapi
Oh mencintamu sempurnakan aku...

Hanyalah dirimu yang mampu lengkapi
Oh mencintamu sempurnakan aku....."

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Looking for some possibilities

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Dear Diary,

Today I had started my gear and beginning my baby steps to achieve my dream. Just receive the list of my subjects of this semester and the summary goes as below:

1. Deposit and Financing Operations of Islamic Banks
2. Islamic Financial Institutions and Markets

1. Entrepreneurship
2. Managerial Accounting and Finance
3. Advanced Statistics

I do not know how am I going to cope with the pressure but I hope I can get through this. I have done more than this. But plus with aging and working pressure. Plus I have nothing to worry and I am not currently attach with anyone. Looking at the bright side, I might be able to concentrate on finding the fund for my business. Well I know what I have to sacrifice by doing this, but at least I am doing this for myself whether win or lose...It will ALL on me..

Jia you Lil' Sue!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Love Lecture for today!

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50 shades of Grey

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I saw this from the internet....saw some websites are forecasting on who can play Mr. Christian Grey. With Fifty Shades of Grey fever sweeping the nation, we've all been buzzing about which stars we can see as smoldering Christian and naive young Anastasia. Some readers even had suggestions for the supporting players (most notably Elena, aka Mrs. Robinson). To help you mix and match your leads, check out this list of casting suggestions and tell us which guy and gal would make your fantasy Fifty Shades couple. Well ...

My choice would be .....maybe Damon Salvatore...I dun remember his real name though...coz I think he is sexy and he is HOT in tuxedo..

For the actress I saw some rumours in the internet with Angelina Jolie or Kristen Stewart to play Anastacia...Nevermind...Actually I feel attracted to the whole story but personally I dont really like the kinky sex part since it is like torturing Ana. However, I just finished reading the first book. Going to finish the second book and I am really curious how Christian Grey had became a control freak like that but a SEXY way...hahahhaa...This book was recommended by my good friend Rika. At first I thought it was a sexy vampire stories just like the vampire diaries but it was more romantic than I thought. Just wait bit more...I think soon we will know who will play Mr Christian Grey. In the book he is portrayed as handsome, rich and well mannered from the outside but he has his dark side which not all people know. It does wonder me whether the author is a pervert? Since the book told a lot of weird things...but it does help a bit to understand the XXX issue with messed up man. Well... this book is definitely not suitable for children but it is ok for the grown ups.

It is creepy to imagine a man that will spank you or torture you in any I am finishing book no TWO and I hope things will get better...

Really Hard...

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But  guess it wont work if you are the only want to fix it.
The feelings has to be mutual...

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Thought for tonight

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To learn to let you go...

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Today was supposed to be a happy day since this is our family day. But realizing that i have to let another person go. I realized that I had been living in a hopeless dream on an individual without any direction. When it comes to love i am bit hard on myself. My good friend advised me that hesitation in making decision in a relationship could indicate two things:

1. He is still looking at the best options that he has. Maybe i am not good enough.
2. Sadly he is not that so into you.

At least i have made my point clear. It was hurtful when people betrayed you or cheating behind your back but it is harder to leave someone that you really love. I learn from my mistake, do not jump into the next relationship just because you want to forget somebody. If you are in relationship with anyone, do not be close with someone that you still love because you will never give your heart fully to the person you are committed with. At least i know that i am not talented to be a Two Timer...

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Word of the Day...

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Dictionary Says

Definition of 'Young And Wealthy But Normal - YAWN'

A class of self-made millionaires that live relatively modest lives. Instead of spending wealth on gaining luxurious items and living expensive lifestyles, these individuals prefer to make contributions to charitable causes and spend time with their families.

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Cont' ...Singaporean adventure...

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Hazy look from my hotel balcony


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