Monday, June 18, 2012

Emotionally Drained....

Posted by Lil' Sue at 6/18/2012 11:42:00 PM

I dunno why today I feel bit down...maybe due to the examination just now... Lack of reading...lots of distractions...I just hope that I will pass my HRM paper...huhuhu...My lecturer said the resubmission of our paperwork will make a difference to the marks given.

I was in the same cab with my lecturer... I noticed he was carrying Louis Vuitton bag...For a guy I can see his taste on branded thingy and he can afford it. Having Macbook air and soft spoken kind of person. He is not that good looking but he got charismatic looks that I believe comes from the wisdom of being an intellectual person. We had a communication on work thing and suddenly he kinda read my personality...huhuhu..weird tho.. To my denial...he described something quite accurately....He did mentioned you were born in are soft spoken, soft hearted, emotionally attached, LOYAL and adventurous.. Well... I appreciate the soft hearted, soft spoken, emotionally attached and LOyal attributes. He did support the idea of me going experience new thing. However, I dunno why these attributes kinda eating me up...coz I could be manipulated by person who I think I love the most... many things happened today. I am emotionally tired. I did tried to call someone BUT unfortunately not available and not even bother to reply my messages. Maybe this is the silent treatment and means that I should STOP. Actually...I just need to talk to someone...but...I cant seem to find  any right now...

Tomorrow is a new day and I am telling the universe that I am gonna get GREAT things ahead...HAPPIER and the best of EVERYTHING!!!

Aja aja fighting!!!!!



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