Thursday, June 28, 2012

South Korea Embassy Visit and Halyu wave...

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Today we have a bunch of delegates from South Korean ambassador visiting our office...maybe they wanna know more about our products and services.... (^_^) 
The most interesting part was...
One of the delegate gave this CD to one of our senior manager, Mr. Salam...
Mr Salam knew that I am a HUGE fan of K-pop...
So..without hesitation he gave me this CD..
Thank you Mr Salam...
You have made my day!!!
One thing for sure...the Korean are really proud of their Korean Wave...
which known as 'Halyu' stars...This is a business visit but
they gave k-pop CD as a souvenir??
Lucky me...
Another addition for my collection...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sami Yusuf - You Came To Me.....

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Thank You...

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I Choose...

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Heart Ache...

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Know Him So Well.....

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I just love the lyrics...
It made me reflects myself more...
Today the training with Dr Varo had remind me of this song when he showed the clip
featuring Elaine Paige and Susan Boyle...

Thursday, June 21, 2012


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Cinta Ada .....

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Awww....Love this as always!!! (^_^)

How to know when to QUIT your job?

Posted by Lil' Sue at 6/21/2012 02:27:00 PM
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Two-year rule

When you ask, “Should I quit my job?” My first question back would be, “Have you served at least two years in this current role?” Ideally, it would be three years.

My two year rule is rationalised on it taking at least six months before you understand the new culture, process and be able to make sense of the company. Then it will take you at least another six months to start identifying areas where you can improve and drive change.

It will take another six months before you start to execute, making changes and an impact. And you need another six months to see the results of your execution and to see if the changes you implemented worked and to rework it if necessary.

According to research by Anders Ericson, you will learn your job and be extremely competent after 10,000 hours. Based on a 12 hour work day, you will hit 10,000 hours of work after you spend three years in a role.

So, if you want to maximise your learning, spend three years in a role. At a minimum, two years. If you have at least served that long, it's fair to ask “Should I quit my job?” and consider quitting when there is a trigger for that thought.

But there are some exceptions to the rule. My old boss got a dream job he craved and quit our company and moved to this new company. Within three months, his dream job turned out to be a nightmare. Instead of slogging on for another two years, he immediately quit.

If you find yourself marginalised, or you dread the work, cut the loss and move on. Your job should bring out your passion and should not be dreary and energy-sapping. But I never recommend leaving a job before two years unless you are extremely clear this role or company is not for you.

When you have feelings of restlessness and discontent you may believe that it is a sign to move on and quit. But don't bail at the first glimmer of dissatisfaction. Just as you should not quit your marriage after a spat with your husband and start dating again, likewise, it should be the same with your job.

Quitting: Are you actually just running away?
Staying can be good
If you plan to quit your job because of conflicts you are facing at work today, remember that these problems will reappear in the next job if you don't take the time to at least examine what's wrong at your current role. Leaving your current role without resolving this conflict is bound to create the same issues in your next role. So, resolve these conflicts before you leave.

When I worked at NBC, a TV company in New York City, I was extremely frustrated with my boss. I thought she hated me as she gave me meaningless work and made me work on trivial matters. I was so frustrated; I started sending out my resume to other media organisations. I even went for interviews. But I had a great mentor at NBC who advised me to have a frank discussion with my boss.

I began an open, non-confrontational dialogue with her. Things improved vastly as she had made some wrong assumptions about me. I was not only able to stop a problem that persisted for a couple of months, but I ended up doing some impressive work at NBC and winning a number of awards in the process. I ended up staying and it did my career a world of good.
Staying in your role may have some practical benefits too. For example, seniority has its merits: it's harder for an employer to let go of someone trained with deep job knowledge. That's not to say you should stay at all costs.

I do believe that movement is good especially if it enables you to grow and be outside your comfort zone. But quit for the right reasons. Remember, most people who succeed in the face of seemingly impossible conditions are people who simply don't know how to quit.

When I should quit?

How do you know exactly when to quit? Here are some possible reasons to consider quitting:
1. Your company has lost its purpose and you are no longer proud to be an employee there. Quit as you will be doing both yourself and the company a favour

2. Your relationship with your manager is damaged beyond repair. You have tried really hard to mend the relationship but to no avail. Leave quickly but if possible, leave in good terms.

3. Your life situation has changed. Perhaps you just had a baby, and the work culture does not suit your new lifestyle. Or perhaps your aspirations have changed.

4. Your values are at odds with the company's values and culture. Or if you are being ethically challenged. Whatever the issue, don't stay in an organisation where your values or integrity is compromised.

5. For whatever reason, you have behaved improperly at work. Or you've burnt bridges with peers. Or missed too many days of work, slacked off on the job, or developed the reputation of a loser. That reputation, once earned, is unlikely to change, so you might as well move on, while you have the opportunity.

6. Your stress level is so high at work that it affects your health and relationships. If you are feeling burnt-out, find out first if the demands of your job have increased with fewer resources. You may just be drained out. In which case, it's an issue of managing resources, not finding a new job.

7. You find yourself marginalised. Your manager, for reasons unbeknownst to you, treats you like an invisible person, not including you in important consultations or decisions. Don't do anything until you talk to your boss to find out what's going on. Your boss may also be silently urging you to leave, so if that's the case, maybe you need to take the hint.

8. You've stopped having fun at work. You dread going to work in the morning. Find out what the real reason you dread work. Is it boredom? Is it lack of challenge? Or have you changed? Don't leave just because you are bored. Try re-inventing your role. Leaving should be your last resort. But if you still cannot rediscover your love for the job, quit!

Quitting your job over unhappiness is a big no-no. If you are unhappy with other aspects of your life, it is easy to blame it on work. Do not expect work to bring you happiness if other aspects of your life are just calamitous.

Again, sort out the real reason for your unhappiness and your job may turn great again. If it is really true that your happiness is caused by one of eight reasons I outlined above, then quit. Otherwise, fix the real issue. There is a saying: “Age wrinkles the body but quitting wrinkles the soul.”
If you do work for a boss that provides toxic leadership and is a tyrant, and you are drained by the cut-throat and back-stabbing environment caused by his lack of leadership, then it is one big reason to quit. Business isn't a democracy and you cannot change your boss. Quitting then is probably the right response.

That said, quitting should be an exception, not the rule, in your career. Gaps on your resume are a red flag to employers. First, try meeting with a career mentor, talking to HR, or transferring to another position at your company. Bear in mind that once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, the key to a successful career is constantly learning and growing. So, whenever you make decisions to quit, make sure the new role will provide you significantly bigger challenges for growth and learning. If it's the same role and you are just leaving for money, beware the pitfalls.

Remember, whenever you face problems at work, your first response should not be to quit. First ask yourself if this is a situation that might possibly reoccur whether it's a bad boss, intolerable colleagues, lack of communication or your under-utilised talents. You don't want to go to the trouble of changing jobs only to experience the workplace equivalent of the film, Groundhog Day.

Finally, when you do quit, don't burn bridges. As good as it would feel to re-enact The Devil Wears Prada scene in which Anne Hathaway's character chucks her phone with her boss still on the line, it's a small world and you should try to leave on good terms.

Address your reason for leaving professionally and be sure to thank your boss for the opportunities you've received and to help transition your responsibilities.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Inspirational Day...

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Puffy eyes! (T_T)
Currently I am listening to a Dusun song 'Koupusan'.. Today is my exam actually for
Suddenly I have these ideas...that kinda combined all the thought that I have in previous time. I am currently VISUALIZING how can I get the access to my way of doing things:

Korea--> to experience the culture and learning new language. Money saving for BIG project.

KRU Academy---> Human Capital for 3D animation and Special Effect.

Sibling-Shera---> Train her to the 3D or the special effect experts. Lim Kok Wing also fine..still waiting for the reply from KRU Academy

Me--> Working on my MBA, CIFP and the script writing techniques. Coz I can visualize but I dont have time tu put it in writing. Language is my problem. I have to brush up my Malay. Easier to write it down in English and I have to do more research on my native language ' DUSUN'.

Access--->  Without realizing...actually I know some people who might can fund or buy my idea but it just I am too tied with with my 9-6 job.

Really. I have to do something... Well... I am currently working on it NOW...

Aja Aja fighting!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My CIFP Course Outline!

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Long way to go hehehe.. I just finished TWO papers.... 12 modules to go...and guess whatt?? Tomorrow is my International Business Final Exam!!!

Part I covers everything from theory to wealth planning and management. On completion students can apply for Associate Member status from ACIFP (Association of Chartered Islamic Finance Professionals).

Part I Papers:
Shariah Aspects of Business and Finance, SH 1002
Shariah Rules in Financial Transactions, SH 1003
Islamic Economics, IE 1001
Islamic Capital Market, IB 1006
Wealth Planning and Management, TK 1003
Reporting of Islamic Financial Transactions, IE 1002
Deposit & Financing Operations of Islamic Banks, IB 1005
Islamic Financial Institutions and Markets, IB 1004

Part II equips students with the required skills in handling operational issues and Islamic financial transactions such as structuring corporate financing and issuing Islamic securities. On completion students can apply for Proficient Member status from ACIFP.

Part II Papers:
Shariah Issues in Islamic Finance SH 2002
Structuring Financial Requirements IB 2001
Risk Management of Islamic Financial Institutions IB 2002
Managing Islamic Financial Institutions IB 2003
Ethics and Governance IE 2001
Takaful and Actuarial Practices TK 2002

The final part is a 6-month articleship programme that provides students with practical experience in the Islamic financial services industry. On completion students are fully CIFP qualified. Students can apply for Practising Member status from ACIFP.

Part III Articleship:
Malaysia based study - INCEIF will place students at pre-selected institutions in Malaysia. If students have a preferred institution, that institution must be pre-approved by INCEIF.
International based study - students may arrange their own articleship. Upon request, INCEIF will provide a supporting letter to the preferred institutions.
Working students - students who are already employed at the time of the articleship may continue working at your workplace and may convert a six-month period of your employment to articleship provided if prior arrangements are made with INCEIF.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Emotionally Drained....

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I dunno why today I feel bit down...maybe due to the examination just now... Lack of reading...lots of distractions...I just hope that I will pass my HRM paper...huhuhu...My lecturer said the resubmission of our paperwork will make a difference to the marks given.

I was in the same cab with my lecturer... I noticed he was carrying Louis Vuitton bag...For a guy I can see his taste on branded thingy and he can afford it. Having Macbook air and soft spoken kind of person. He is not that good looking but he got charismatic looks that I believe comes from the wisdom of being an intellectual person. We had a communication on work thing and suddenly he kinda read my personality...huhuhu..weird tho.. To my denial...he described something quite accurately....He did mentioned you were born in are soft spoken, soft hearted, emotionally attached, LOYAL and adventurous.. Well... I appreciate the soft hearted, soft spoken, emotionally attached and LOyal attributes. He did support the idea of me going experience new thing. However, I dunno why these attributes kinda eating me up...coz I could be manipulated by person who I think I love the most... many things happened today. I am emotionally tired. I did tried to call someone BUT unfortunately not available and not even bother to reply my messages. Maybe this is the silent treatment and means that I should STOP. Actually...I just need to talk to someone...but...I cant seem to find  any right now...

Tomorrow is a new day and I am telling the universe that I am gonna get GREAT things ahead...HAPPIER and the best of EVERYTHING!!!

Aja aja fighting!!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Doa ku... Ameen...

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Korea Sparkling!!!

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I just got a call this morning....O My gucci...guess what???? my lecturer said he had given my name to the Korean Consulate. Just wait for the call then, I will be called to Kota Kinabalu for the briefing I guess...

Keeping my fingers crossed and hope for the best!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thought of the day!!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Quote..

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dreams come true? (^_^)

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I just finished my International Business Class...with Prof Madya Dr Sulong.. (^_^) and he updated me on the application procedure for the job in Korea. He will email me all the details and I will revert on my documents to the respective Korean company. The CV should state my interest in world culture, traveling preferences and also the passion for languages. The closing date will be on Sept 2012. If I got the job I will be staying in Korea for TWO years and will be earning around 7000 Euro...I dunno whether this is TRUE or not but I will just pray for the best...

Aja Aja fighting!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

My One and ONLY birthday present of this year...

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Well...there is nothing much to say for my birthday this year...coz on 29th May 2012 I was not feeling very well..after I came back from Penang...and the visit to Inokom Kedah..
Ok...just want to highlight that I have an Aquarium  for this year's birthday!!! (^_^)

Thanks to Mohd Hafizi for the treat and company....

It still empty..I'm still thinking what kind of fish that I should buy... (^_^)

Thanks to my sister Suraya for the Cute Cake...

Cutie Pie...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Can Love Become Money?

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Last nite...I have panda eyes..huhuhuhu...
Being too scared to sleep due to the recent broke in to our house..
Then I decided to finish this drama...
"Can Love Become Money"
I bought the DVD in Penang together with Aizureen's family..(^_^)
I bought the DVD bcoz of my beloved Onnie..Hwangbo 
At the beginning...I thought the storyline is just ordinary...BUT surprisingly...
It was an interesting storyline....
Which I can relate to myself...(T_T)
What really touched my heart is about the girl...
At first..trapped from one bad circumtances to another... (exactly like me...)
Always positive and optimistic for better life...
Well..MONEY is important in this era of globalization age...
Money problems can lead to lots of problems...
Education, shelter, food, health, Relationship...
I must agree that money is very important..BUT
It is NOT everything...
What really relates me was the moment when she said
" Maybe for you it is just work...but for me it is the matter of survival"
For a woman...It takes a courage to live and struggle
Up to this moment...when the world is full with challenging ups and downs...
The good and bad things revolving around cannot be avoided...
Somewhere in my TIRED heart...always hoping for comfort...
I really don't watch drama for Nothing...
I just cant explain why I seek pleasure for something like this
Maybe because that will give me some HOPES...
I dont fully understand the above song but it sounds exactly like how I feel...
Aja aja fighting!!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I thought that I have you,,,

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Love Me For What I Am

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You've got to love me
For what I am
For simply being me
Don't love me
For what you intend
Or hope that I will be

And if you're only using me
To feed your fantasy
You're really not in love
So let me go
I must be free

If what you want
Isn't natural for me
I won't pretend to keep you
What I am I have to be
The picture of perfection
Is only on your mind
For all your expectations
Love can never be designed
We either take each other
For everything we are
Or leave the life
We've made behind
And make another start...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Disaster in June

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Peningla...bila rumah kena pecah masuk and have to think about getting a new house...huhuhu
Very unfortunate..but syukur sebab not so many things were stolen.. I just hope to get a quiet life...and plan to move out from my current house....

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ayat-ayat Cinta ...

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"Maafkan bila ku tak sempurna
Cinta ini tak mungkin ku cegah
Ayat-ayat cinta bercerita
Cintaku padamu
Bila bahagia mulai menyentuh
Seakan ku bisa hidup lebih lama
Namun harus ku tinggalkan cinta
Ketika ku bersujud "

Ku berjanji karna cinta...

Posted by Lil' Sue at 6/04/2012 06:14:00 PM
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Kumenunggu getar hatiku
Anganku hanya untukmu
‘Tuk bersama selamanya
Kita berdua
Kau slalu mengisi hariku
Dengan canda dan tawamu
Kurasakan bahagiaku
Untukmu selalu

 Kuberjanji karna cintaku
Kuberharap karna kasihmu
Selamanya dan tak akan pernah berpisah
Sampaikan nanti

Kau selalu mengisi hariku
Dengan canda dan tawamu
Kurasakan bahagiaku
Untukmu selalu

Kuberjanji karna cintaku
Kuberharap karna kasihmu
Selamanya dan tak akan pernah berpisah
Sampaikan nanti

(Kuberjanji karna cintaku)
Karna cinta
(Kuberharap karna kasihmu)
Karna kasih
Kuberjanji karna cintaku
Kuberharap karna kasihmu
Selamanya dan tak akan pernah berpisah
Sampaikan nanti....

I will FLY....

Posted by Lil' Sue at 6/04/2012 05:23:00 PM
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Dear Diary...
Since I do not really have a REASON to stay in Malaysia...maybe..
I will seriously considering to get an OUTSIDE exposure...Migrate is definitely NO...
I will start the job hunting now...
Dubai? Korea? ADB? IDB? Maldives? UK? everything is possible...
I will start from step number ONE...
I am willing to go as far as I can to HEAL my heart...coz I really need one...
I have been looking to THAT closed door LONG enuff ...
I don't even realize that it's killing me softly...from the inside...
If things stay this way...I realize nothing will change...
I am giving up on hoping things that uncertain....
I have lots of beautiful dreams and I am sure I will find someone who is WORTHY for my love..
I will not depend my happiness on a person anymore...
Because human always letting me down..
It is good not to expect anything.... 
So I can live freely without expectations...
Experiencing other people culture will widen my horizons...
Who knows  ..
I will learn what does TRUE love means...
Of course the first thing, we must love the creator...

I will never forget who I am...
I know I am not perfect and...
I will continue to improve my self...

I believe that someone out there waiting for me in the other side of the road.. (^_^)
I will never let you go...
Till I met you...I will go around the world...
experiencing the beauty of ALLAH creation...

Dear My Love,
Do not confuse me with your drama...
Do NOT misuse my kindness by taking advantage on my sincerity
Coz that really breaks my heart...
coz I do not know how to be SELFISH...
At the end my heart has to pay Big Price...
All I am asking is a certainty ...
and a sincere heart that listens...


That´s when I´ll stop loving you.....

Posted by Lil' Sue at 6/04/2012 01:33:00 AM
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Dear Heart... I am Sorry....

Posted by Lil' Sue at 6/04/2012 12:22:00 AM
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Dear Heart..

I am so sorry for letting you break into thousands pieces again...
You know that you have been loving a person who does not love you as much as you did..
When I close my eyes...I am sorry for imagining beautiful things...
I wish I could hold on to you for the rest of my life
Be thankful each day that I spent with you
All I need is you right now...BUT
Seems that you are going to let me down again....


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