Sunday, April 29, 2012

My New Addiction-Rooftop Prince (^_^) and King 2 Heart

Posted by Lil' Sue at 4/29/2012 08:32:00 PM
King 2 Heart
I think every girl will like this kind of Love story ....Prior to this drama I am not really a fan of Lee Seung Gi but this time he really catch my attention by playing a role a brat prince who never took things seriously...But when his brother died and he has to take over the throne then new episodes begin and things became more interesting when he fell in LOVE with a North Korean soldier... (^_^) Despite of being playful but his character is STICK TO ONE WOMAN for life....that's the thing that I like above all...Well.....I hope I will meet my own prince soon...hahhaha....

Ok...this one is about a King who deported from 300 years back (Joseon Empire) to the modern city (seoul)..when his crown princess got murdered...u guys can check this out on the internet...This is different compared to other drama that I watched coz it is so unpredictable...well....some people might wondered why I really like Korean is just simple...I just came to LIKE it. No specific reason...but it might be seasonal...n mayb I will get over this when I get older...but for now..watching these dramas somehow will brighten  my day and add some smiles to my face. With my work and all things that happened in my circle of life...watching this could lighten my day.....These is quite difficult to have a GENUINE smiles...and I should find a REASON to smile and laugh right????



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