Thursday, March 8, 2012

If you could just LISTEN...

Posted by Lil' Sue at 3/08/2012 12:12:00 AM
Currently watching this drama..."Cant live with losing"... About a lawyer couple decided to divorce. I found  this drama is very close to my heart. It was not because of my previous break up. LIFE. LOVE. PEOPLE. LIES. TRUST. TEARS.It is ALL in one. I can understand why she was so stubborn. So determined. So ambitious. So Stressful. Always pretending to be STRONG. Always be the one who will suffer at the end. Anyone could never never understand how I really feel... I have to be strong...coz I am the STRONGEST pillar in my family. I cannot be weaker than the rest... Recently I am quite worried about my health...I tried so hard to keep FIT. No more dizziness and the stingy feelings in my head...I am quite worried actually.... I am not a SUPERHERO that can lift the world or the saviour...of the world... There is a TIME that I broke down and cried but no one is around...and I feel so alone... I am happy when I can give back to the person that matters to me... I always feel that at the end.... I am still sitting here alone. It is not about desperation of having a partner...This has been like this for a long long time... I just happen to meet with REALLY REALLY wrong person. I also have a habit of pushing myself so hard and it is very tiring...Sometimes I feel that my head is exploding and my heart stop beating... I am really scared that I might go away before fixing everything RIGHT.... (Teary eyes...)... Tired..Seriously TIRED...

If I ever find my other half..I would want him to understand that I had Bad experience with being clingy.... I have a BIG hole in my heart. I hope that he would teach me to hold on tight to him and never let go. Someone who will stay no matter what happen. I saw so many irresponsible man out there. When I am attached with someone I tend to think more about them. I will think lot more further than what they can think of. I hope that special someone will be able to really listen to what I feel. 



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