Friday, August 5, 2011

Happenings in July!!

Posted by Lil' Sue at 8/05/2011 02:26:00 PM
Reactions:'s been awhile that I did not update my blog...!!^^ It started with my business trip to Jakarta starting from 16-21st July. Followed by my family day in Nexus Karambunai. After that my cousin's has been a hectic month with tensions and excitement of course!!^^ 

What can I say about Jakarta? Well..Staying in Shangri-La was not that bad...Beautiful landscape but the city was known as 'Jammed city' lols...Can u imagine two lane of road became four or five? Quite scary I must say...First day at Shangri-La I was mesmerized by the ballroom setting. It was designed for a wedding... It was supposed to be our rekki trip to our meeting rooms but it was still occupied with the wedding setting...Purple...with the ceiling covered with sakura and trees....and also with the beautiful lanterns. It was really GORGEOUS!!!! If only I could have that for my wedding..(In my dreams..hahaha..the price of fresh flowers are DAMN can reach 15k just to decorate a hall) My heart was aching so much to see the beauty beyond words kinda thing that I cannot pathetic!!! :p (ok..I'm starting to exaggerate!! would be inhuman for me to ask for bunch of money for a flowers like that...of course if I have...I would be living in my dream hahahhaa)

For the record..It was really cool to see our governor (Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz) in person...I can see her charismatic personality while speaking to the press (It was pretty serious though....) My handphone was out battery at that moment...I was only able to snap few pix..through my boss handphone...

The boring part (meetings and being a secretariat to catch the delegates) One of them is missing in action and it had caused a panic when the panel discussion was about to start...hahahha!! Sigh..finally he appeared!!!

After the meeting I shoot back to KK for our family day...It's tiring but very rewarding when we got all the compliments from the staff saying that this is the best family day ever!!! (^_^) This is because the cooperation between the committee members.This was my first time in Karambunai. I love the seaview and the place is really nice. Maybe someday I will come again..^_^
I was in karambunai hahahhah

The week after I came back for my cousin's wedding... Sigh...Damn tired!!!

We asked them to pose like this...lols...
I look TIRED
I think I have summed have pretty much about what's goin on on July....(^_^) 



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