Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dont Be Depressed!!

Posted by Lil' Sue at 6/07/2011 11:25:00 PM

"You will not be afflicted by an ulcer by virtue of what you eat, but instead by virtue of what eats you." This is a quote taken from Dr. Joseph F. Mantagno's book, The Problem of Nervousness. The renowned 
 Arab poet Al-Mutanabbi said:

"And stress transforms obesity into scrawniness; it whitens the hair of the young man and makes him a mess." And according to Life magazine, ulcers rank tenth in the list of deadly diseases.

Dr. Alexis Carlyle, a Nobel-laureate in medicine, said:
"Working people who do not know how to deal with anxiety and stress are more prone than others are to a premature death."]

Indeed, everything that takes place occurs according to a divine decree. A person must nonetheless take the necessary steps to avoid difficulties, and so Carlyle rightly points out that anxiety is one of the factors that lead to the body being damaged.

This is really bugging me.. coz this is all TRUE...I have to remind myself over and over again...to take care of myself more...XoXo... :)



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