Saturday, June 11, 2011

About Shannon Williams

Posted by Lil' Sue at 6/11/2011 02:14:00 PM
Well..I always have admiration for those who can sing in classical way..She's beautiful, young and talented. Hopefully she will grow and expand her talents not limited to the Korean K-Pop scene only. She could use it as her platform to go further. ALL THE BEST SHANNON!!!

She's half British(Dad), half Korean(Mom) she's cute, she's little, and she has the voice of an angel. Also she's only 13 years old.  

Shannon has made a couple of appearances on one of Korea's most popular show ,Star King, where she has blown everyone with her amazing voice and amazing acting skills. She also speaks Korean.(I'm not sure she can speak it fluently but it's a enough to get by in conversation).Shannon is now signed to Core Contents Media.



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