Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weddings in May...(^_^)

Posted by Lil' Sue at 5/21/2011 09:49:00 PM
A Marriage of TWO is for LOVE that is True...

I would like to congratulate all my friends who will get married within this month. On this beautiful month..which is also my birth month.. (^_^) ...Congrats to Nonny, Ct Zaharah, Billy, Rullizah and Nana. I wish all of you a wonderful marriage life...

Wedding Cake Recipe:

1/2 lb good looks 
1lb sweet temper
1lb butter of youth
1lb blindness of faults
1lb of wit
1lb good humour
2lb of sweet argument
1 pint of rippling laughter
1 wine glass of common sense
a dash of modesty

Put the love good looks and a sweet temper into a well furnished house.
Beat the butter of youth into a cream,
and mix well together with the blindness of faults.
Stir the wit and good humour into the sweet argument
then add the rippling laughter and common sense.
Work the whole thing together until everything is well mixed,
and bake gently forever.


Nonny Atika said...

thanx luv.. so sorry that we can only spend so lil time that day.. hope ur turn's next.. :)) xoxo!

Lil' Sue said...

Nonny: hahhaha..glad that I can make it...few hours b4 that..I was in Shangrila Tg Aru for wedding too...lols... My turn?? hahhahha..not so soon... ;)


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