Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Ssangchu Mug!!

Posted by Lil' Sue at 5/05/2011 03:11:00 PM

I cant wait to share my birthday mug with you guys...SH...This is a tribute to your Ssangchu banner...coz this one is my favourite!!!! You must be wondering why I have my birthday present in advance...
My birthday is on 29th May..
The trick is...
I am one of the Club Committee in my company who's responsible for all staff birthday presents.. so I specifically design my OWN mug...for my OWN birthday hahahahhaha!!!
I love this mug...!!


Ssangchu Heaven said...

advanced happy bday sue!!! you are so adorable!!!! i love how you designed it!!

and btw, i had a similar experience, my parents made me buy my own cake. when i went to the bakery, the baker asked me, what do you want to write in it? in the end my cake said, "happy birthday to me" xDDD

it was the most awesome gift i tell you!!!

Lil' Sue said...

SH: Yepps...Thanks for the advance wish...this is very exciting!! Glad that u also like it!! It's just a Mug but It really means a lot and i'm very happy!!


-To the world!!-

sspazz268 said...

yaa~~ that's cute! ^^
Happy birthday Sue! ♥
(awal pn ok ba kan? ^^)

Lil' Sue said...

SSpazz268:Thanks for the advance wish...(bulih ba kalo ko) ^^!!!


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