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Wu Chun Confirms Flying Solo!

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Reactions: many rumors about Chunnie...personally if his significant other meant to be someone else and not ELLA..or vice versa. I would be very disappointed...I know it's their choice to love anyone but I will move on ..As much that I'm trying to be happy for both of them..but it is such a heart-wrenching moment as well...I dun wanna put too much hope if If in the end...I will also feel sad. Yeah,people might wondered why am I being so silly and carried away with two person who has nothing to do with me?? but who cares??? I have my own reason for that!! Sorry guys...I'm in a very LOW mood rite now....

Wu Chun Confirms Flying Solo And Holds Fanmeeting
Written by: Zahra on 2/28/2011 @

It's official. Wu Chun will not be renewing his contract with HIM . He has yet to officially leave Fahrenheit as they will still be performing together at various concerts and shows in May and have renewed their contract as the spokesmen for Taiwanese Tourism. But when he was asked whether he would participate in releasing another album, he didn't respond directly to the question and instead expressed that he would be concentrating on acting this year and has no plans for an album right now.

He also opened up his own personal website Chun Zone, in January, and attracted 2000 members after a month. Yesterday, he held a fan meeting at a hotel with 300 lucky fans coming from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan. There, he confirmed that the rumors surrounding his contract to be true, but has also stated that he is currently filming a new movie and plans on publishing a book for charity. Though his management company is not the same as the other three Fahrenheit members, he has emphasized that there is still a possibility that they will act and do promotions together. He also stated, "In the past, work was too intensive. I didn't have the time to spend with my family, which affected my mood and efficiency when working. In the future, I will spend more time being with my dad." He also hopes that his workload will not be heavy in the future, and, instead, filled with quality.

As for his love life, he has said that he would not reveal to the public whether he is dating or not since he doesn't want his partner to be dragged in and burdened. Even if he was to get married, he would also hope to keep it a secret, "Of course, I would want to share my joy with everyone, but it depends on the situation."

With Wu Chun going solo and marching onto the big screen, the rest of the Fahrenheit members will also be continuing their solo activities. Calvin Chen will still be hosting MTV Taiwan's "Japanese Korean Music Craze" show and will also be publishing a book; Aaron Yan will be releasing his own solo album; and Jiro Wang is currently considering two drama and one movie script. 



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