Wednesday, March 23, 2011

4th Day In Seoul...

Posted by Lil' Sue at 3/23/2011 01:06:00 AM
22 March 2011

Today Fifah and me went to Namsan cable car, lunch at Itaewon and Hangang River Cruise. The weather today   is very cold...(T_T)

There were three highlights of the day:

1) The Namsan cable car was awesome...the view and also the thousands of love padlocks. I think this is very romantic. Took some pixs with the army guard, padlocks, Haechi (the mascot of Seoul) and the teddybear. 

2) Itaewon- I bought purple furry jacket and also black robe...and we were interviewed by Olivia from Arirang TV for her radio show. I think she is very pretty!! We took pix together but I will
upload soon hahhah...Found her in the internet...

She's more beautiful in person...!! (^_^)
Olivia on the right!

3) Hangang River Cruise. Awesome!! but the weather was very windy..Fifah and I were FREEZING like hell.....there were magic show and live performance. Hehehee..the magician is cute looking guy...During the performance...I am fascinated by the group of Ahjummas so full of themselves on their requested TROT song...waving hands and even dancing..?? huh????At that time, there were also a couple. The girl was holding a bunch of balloons in a HEART shape..I assumed the boyfriend gave it to her...I think..korean guys are very much alike in the dramas...lols...It was amusing to see it in real life...I'm thinking to myself...It must be fun to have that kind of experience once in the blue moon. On the way back Fifah and I were figthing with the Siberia Wind...On the marathon to the subway, saw some peoples playing small fireworks...we saw the grass was burning due to the strong wind...Since it is a post-winter time the grass was dried and easily burned. We wanna help to stop the fire but the wind was so cold...we thought it would fade away soon. We really cannot stand the wind. From far, we could see a guy trying to stop the fire. 

Freezing...gotta sleep now...bubbye!!


Nonny Atika said...

waaa kena interview for Arirang.. nice..

Lil' Sue said...

Yaa...but never get chance to listen to it...hahahha..she did informed what was the exact airing time..tapi kami p River Cruise...nda sempat dengar huhuhu

Nonny Atika said...

uu jelesnya..hihi.. how did she get u guys to be interviewed? sioknya~drooling looking at Ernie's korea trip photos and imagining ur trip


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