Saturday, March 19, 2011

1st Day In Seoul

Posted by Lil' Sue at 3/19/2011 11:50:00 PM

Sigh..It's been a long day...6 hours on plane to Seoul..and finally WE arrived at our final destination (^_^). Some people informed the weather will shoot to -2 but fortunately it is just around 7 degree celcius...Not that cold lols..Actually it was very tiring to travel with BIG bags.. The lesson is "Try to bring as light luggage as you can"...


Nonny Atika said...

i am reading this with a pen stuck into my stomach *8akibat jeles yg melampau dan teruja juga hahahaha..

have fun!plz oh plz upload photos..

Lil' Sue said...

Nonny..,,hahhaha..seriously..u can go here with at least 2K budget excluding airfare tix..can survive more than a week and u can go to many places...penatla bejalan..but worth it...sbb u can take ur own sweet time...experiencing the people...the culture...Btw..I will upload pixs once I'm back to Malaysia...coz...I dun bring laptop...and my camera cable here huhuhu


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