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Secret Garden Craze...(^_^) Episode 16

Posted by Lil' Sue at 1/03/2011 02:37:00 PM
Thank God u are alive!!
Owkay...I think Hyun Bin is kinda cool now...(^_^) As if my heart stopped beating seeing him in such painful condition...Hyun Bin was collapsing in the elevator...and Ha Ji Won was screaming his name...on the phone...quite dramatic ending for episode 15. Credit for the for the recap below.

We have had two dramatic endings this weekend, bringing us all the way up to the air when Joo Won and Ra Im are together then down to the ground when the truth are revealed. I have done a mini recap on some scenes.At end of episode 15, Joo Won fainted, but he was soon sent to the hospital after being rescued from the lift. Ra Im followed to the hospital, feeling bad about happened and thinking she might not see Joo Won again, she cried. Joo Won was first angry but later softened by Ra Im’s tears, he pulled Ra Im.

 Joo Won sent his private jet to fly the director for Dark Blood down to see Ra Im again. Joo Won, you scored again in this episode! For the woman you love, you made 50 calls and brought the entire crew on your private jet just for the 5 min audition, and yet you did not even tell her about it…Mr Jackson thinks you are crazy but I think that is sweet! (this scene reminds me so much of Richard Gere from ‘Pretty Woman’, don’t ask me why :P )  And Ha Ji Won, love seeing her in actions!
What a dramatic ending! Joo Won’s mom went to see Ra Im, telling her 13 years ago it was Ra Im’s dad who saved Joo Won’s life (Thanks to Jaymee’s tips earlier^^). It was actually an accident in the lift rather than a car accident, what Joo Won was led to remember as. The mom kneeled down, begged Ra Im to leave Joo Won and she was willing to pay any amount Ra Im would ask for, as it would be too painful for Joo Won to remember everything again. (Earlier Oscar shared with Ra Im that Joo Won was depressed for a while because of the trauma happened when he was 21). Shocked and devastated, Ra Im stood at the door covered in tears.
Now episode 16 ends with a question for all of the viewers, what will Ra Im think and decide after knowing the truth. Somehow I was hoping Joo Won was somewhere outside listening to this, so he could do something but as how dramas all end we could not see anything beyond that conversation.

Featured in the news today, the media has caught our main leads from Secret Garden kissing in episode 16, and it was Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) who kissed Joo Won (Hyun Bin) first.
Aired on 2nd of January, in episode 16, Joo Won asked Ra Im when they lied down facing each other, ‘Beautiful eyes, let me guess where will you be pretty tomorrow?’ Ra Im replied ” I know’.  After saying this she kissed Joo Won, and said she would pay off all at once.  This kiss from Ra Im took Joo Won by surprise and he was obviously a bit embarrassed.
The incident has a great significance to the relationship of two leads. Up-till now it has always been Joo Won taking the initiative to express his feelings, but this is the first time that Ra Im opens up to Joo Won about herself.  The mutual attraction is definitely there, it will not be easy to separate them.  As episode 16 ended with Joo Won’s mom asking Ra Im to leave Joo Won (detail of this scene can be found in my other post on episode 16), stimulating viewers’ curiosity about the upcoming 17th episode.


Lil' Sue said...

I really hope the ending ..both of them will be together...As usual..I hate sad ending..

meme =p said...

I knew you would come around to changing your mind. Watch Snow Queen and I bet the next time I visit your blog your background will be his face =p I promise I won't judge! He's a great actor. You should also try a millionaires first love. I should be his publicist. episode 15 at the party...did it look like he was doing Hwangbo's dance? Or am I looking into it too much?

Lil' Sue said...

Meme!! (^_^) Actually...I kinda like him in Kim Sam Soon & Millionaire First Love...but actually the reason why I tried not to like him too much coz..I'm a fan of Song Hye Kyo and Rain in the Fullhouse (owkay...I confess..)I had this feeling that he stole her away from Rain (I know SHK & Hyun Bin fell in in the World Within Drama)Sigh....but in Secret Garden..he is so SKINNY...I like the way he look in his previous dramas/movies...
Talking about the SG episode 15..are u referring to the slow dance?? (^_^) internet connection was quite slow sometimes..tats why I might left out some IMPORTANT scene...huhuhuhu


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