Friday, January 28, 2011

My Princess Episode 7

Posted by Lil' Sue at 1/28/2011 10:03:00 AM
The storyline getting funnier and I really love the scene where Seol teases and prods at him, covering his eyes playfully and talking in a flirtatious baby voice about how his eyelashes are the best. She asks him to give them to her (lol), which earns her a dry look from him, though he answers grudgingly, “Yours are pretty too.” Aw.
Seol is basically the most adorable pain in the ass ever as she sing-songs, wags her feet, and makes cute demands of him to tie her shoelaces in that sageuk royalspeak. Finally, he sets her down and grumbles that she’s pretty fearless to get drunk in a strange neighborhood. She gaily replies that she trusts her protector — what could happen to her with him here?
That unwarranted faith in his character pings his guilty conscience, and Hae-young looks at her intently. He sighs, “You really drive me crazy,” not knowing what to do with her; things would be easier if they hated each other.
But she replies — answering his question from before — that of the three choices he’d given her, it’s the disliking him one that’s false. (Which also means that she finds him her most handsome enemy, as well as the one who gives her the most difficulty.)
Pulling him to her, Seol gives him a kiss on the cheek. After she pulls away, he stares at her for a few long moments, then looks away, unsettled.
When he looks at her again, he prefaces his next move by instructing her, “Forget this.”
With that, he moves in for a kiss.
Sweeeet (^_^)


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