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Eye Candy Galore

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My Princess Episode 7

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The storyline getting funnier and I really love the scene where Seol teases and prods at him, covering his eyes playfully and talking in a flirtatious baby voice about how his eyelashes are the best. She asks him to give them to her (lol), which earns her a dry look from him, though he answers grudgingly, “Yours are pretty too.” Aw.
Seol is basically the most adorable pain in the ass ever as she sing-songs, wags her feet, and makes cute demands of him to tie her shoelaces in that sageuk royalspeak. Finally, he sets her down and grumbles that she’s pretty fearless to get drunk in a strange neighborhood. She gaily replies that she trusts her protector — what could happen to her with him here?
That unwarranted faith in his character pings his guilty conscience, and Hae-young looks at her intently. He sighs, “You really drive me crazy,” not knowing what to do with her; things would be easier if they hated each other.
But she replies — answering his question from before — that of the three choices he’d given her, it’s the disliking him one that’s false. (Which also means that she finds him her most handsome enemy, as well as the one who gives her the most difficulty.)
Pulling him to her, Seol gives him a kiss on the cheek. After she pulls away, he stares at her for a few long moments, then looks away, unsettled.
When he looks at her again, he prefaces his next move by instructing her, “Forget this.”
With that, he moves in for a kiss.
Sweeeet (^_^)

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Ella & Jerry

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My fave couple is definitely Ella and Wu Chun but I really love these pixs..Both of them looked really comfortable together..
I know this is for the promotional purposes... (^_^)
Still Ella looks gorgeous!!!

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Ending of Secret Garden

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So sweet..

In the elevator

The kids
Generally...I love the ending of the story....

Seated across the table from his mother, Ju-won calmly tells his mother that he’s lived the first 34 years of his life as her son and will now live the rest with Ra-Im as her husband. At her disbelief, he tells her that he’s only telling her since he knows she won’t give her permission if he asks. When she tries to insult Ra-Im, blaming her for the change in him, he simply tells her that Ra-Im is not that type of woman and that he is incredibly happy right now. The mother retorts that every mother wishes the happiness of her child. However, according to her, Ju-won is not happy but momentarily entranced by Ra-Im. He’s only interested because she’s so unlike anyone he knows. She then mentions that everyone encounters a moment like that in life and this was much the same way she was with Ju-won’s father, which momentarily surprises him. Unfortunately, she continues, it’s not people like them who get tired, but the other person in the relationship who leaves. Ju-won acknowledges that such a time may come, but he’s not going to let Ra-Im leave him the way his mother allowed his father to leave. So, regardless of how long it takes for her to accept them, he will wait until she approves to have an actual wedding. He emphasizes that he is determined to have her at his wedding giving them her blessings. Vehemently, the mother tells him that she will never approve. He won’t be able to “da-da-dan” (notes to the “Wedding March”) down the aisle because she will never approve. He can wake up from his unrealistic dream. At her vicious words, Ju-won respectfully takes his leave of her.
             Outside, at a bus stop, Ra-Im knocks on the car window of Ju-won’s secretary and sympathizes with his plight—spying on her and reporting to the mother in the cold winter weather. She offers him a warm can of coffee, and he offers her his support, despite the role he has to play because it’s his job. He then tells her that he’ll give her a ride to wherever she needs to go. (Love how the secretary is helping out)
             The place that the secretary drives Ra-Im to is a café where she speaks with Ju-won’s psychiatrist, who asks her to explain her medical condition; she’s baffled that someone in Ra-Im’s state could wake up and resume a full life when medically speaking, Ra-Im was brain dead. Ra-Im tells her it is a miracle to which the psychiatrist states that there are no miracles, only yet-to-be-discovered scientific facts. Ra-Im tells her then that these yet-to-be-discovered scientific facts must account for her survival as well as the soul switch that she and Ju-won experienced. She continues by telling the psychiatrist that she spoke to Ju-won, not Ra-Im during that office visit.
             Meanwhile, at another café, Ju-won and Philip discuss Ra-Im. Philip asks Ju-won to take his place and be a father, brother, and man to Ra-Im. Since he’s known Ra-Im, he’s played those roles but now he rescinds those to Ju-won. However, in typical Ju-won fashion, Ju-won refuses and says that he’s only interested in being a man to Ra-Im. (LOL) Philip can continue to be the father and brother to her. Ju-won says enough to indicate to Philip that he knows how important Philip is to Ra-Im, that he’s like her family, so Philip needs to stay in her life and continue being a father and brother to her. Ju-won will take care of being the man (LOL hilarious yet sweet). 
             Later, Ra-Im and Ju-won are driving in the car while Ju-won talks to Oska, asking if he’s arrived with Seul yet. When Ra-Im inquires where they’re going, Ju-won cryptically tells that she’ll know once they get there. At city hall, Ju-won opens the door for Ra-Im (such manners compared to his earlier treatment of her! LOL), who walks inside a bit confused. When she asks why they’re here, Ju-won tells her that if she wants to run away, she should do so now because she won’t get the chance again. She questions what he means by that and then asks him if he’s…? At her questioning look, Ju-won acknowledges that he’s decided to become her husband (typical Ju-won!). Stunned, Ra-Im balks. (Dialogue time…too cute to pass up)
Ra-Im: By whose decision?
Ju-won: Because I just said so. (Ra-Im blinks her eyes widely like a doe again) This is the last 10 minutes before Kil Ra-Im becomes a married woman. Is there anything you want to do?
Ra-Im: You scoundrel. (pouts) “I love you” or such platitudes aren’t said before you marry me?
Ju-won: Why would I say meaningless words? I’m not proposing to become your husband because I love you.
Ra-Im: Then why? Because of society or something?
Ju-won: I’m telling is true that you’re not very smart. It’s not because I love you but because I can love only you that I’m marrying you. I have no choice in the matter, you "amazing" (love the Korean accent) woman, you. (He offers his hand) There won’t be any flowers, candles, wine, or even the ubiquitous ring (referring to the possibility of no wedding ceremony), but will you still be my wife?
Ra-Im: Of course. (places her hand in his and they share a loving look)

             Walking into city hall to register for marriage, they are congratulated by Seul and then Oska, who crankily tells Ra-Im that she’s the only fan he’s standing in as a marriage witness and that (lightening his tone) makes him incredibly happy. (LOL. I love the way that man speaks!) The four of them look at each other with happiness. Ju-won and Ra-Im then sit down and sign their marriage license with Seul and Oska looking on as witnesses. While Ra-Im begins to sign, Ju-won gently tells her that he would like to hold off on the wedding ceremony until his mother approves. Ra-Im tells him not to worry about something like that because she, too, would like his mother there giving them her blessings. Ju-won’s relieved and thanks her, but then in typical Ju-won fashion again, teases her on why she’s taking so long to fill out her portion of the license. He wrote his super fast. (LOL) Ra-Im just looks at him indulgently and says that all she needs to do is sign her signature. Once done, the license gets passed to Oska and Seul who are a bit sickened by the way Ju-won and Ra-Im signed their names (with hearts! recall the way Ra-Im signed Ju-won's signature while in his body) At their quizzical looks, Ju-won and Ra-Im both shrug their shoulders as if to say we’re a couple now, so sue us (LOL…cute). In reply, Seul and Oska sign their signatures like stars/autographs on the official document and then shrug their shoulders/smile when Ju-won and Ra-Im look at them in much the same way. Taking the license from Oska, Ju-won shows Ra-Im the license and says that she can now squeal in her cute way “Ack!” She does so, much to the disgust of Oska, and Ju-won announces that he’s going to process the paper now so that the entire world can know that Ju-won and Ra-Im are now a married couple.
             Later that night, Oska and Seul are at Ju-won’s place, preparing the setting for a memorable first night for them. They bicker playfully about Oska’s memory and their past. Oska repeats that he’s going to be a good boyfriend this time and that he’s hoping she’ll direct his new music video. Seul warns that she’s going to be asking for a lot of money, to which Oska replies that he’s going to be giving her a lot of money and then hugs her. Although pleased with the way their relationship is progressing, Seul jokingly asks Oska why he keeps hugging her at random. Before he can answer, though, Ju-won walks in with Ra-Im and asks what they’re doing in someone else’s house. Breaking apart, Oska replies in his irritated voice that they were preparing the wedding night room. Ju-won points out that Oska was doing something else when they walked in. Oska defends himself and says that it was only for a moment, just a tiny moment (Seriously, I’m going to miss the cousins and their verbal spats). Oska then tells Ra-Im that this is their wedding gift, gesturing to the bedroom. Ra-Im thanks them while Ju-won mentions to Seul that it would have been nice to have met Seul when he and Seul were 21 (ah, the riling of Oska just never stops with Ju-won). Although Ra-Im just gives Ju-won a look, Oska threatens Ju-won, asking him if he wants his first night (wedding night) to be his last night on earth (love the way Oska speaks). Ju-won clarifies that he was only implying that Seul is too good for Oska. He then tells them they should leave since he and Ra-Im have something to do, but before he can properly finish his sentence, Ra-Im checks him out of embarrassment and etiquette. Oska and Seul get the message, nevertheless, and happily leave still bickering with each other. On his way out, Oska asks Seul how she’s going to get home when it’s so late at night. (LOL) Once they leave, Ra-Im tries to scold Ju-won for his embarrassing comment, but Ju-won dismisses her concern, saying that they are a married couple now. He opens his arms and motions for her to come to him. She refuses. Irked, Ju-won reminds her about the nursery rhyme he’s been saying to himself all this time and tries to capture her. She again evades his grasp and pushes him on the bed, in effect making the first move on him, and they spend a happy and blissful wedding night together. 

*Sigh* I think this is all I can do tonight.  I hope you enjoyed what I was able to recap! But for those of you just dying to know what happens, here's a quick run down of the major points for the rest of the episode:
*Ju-won and Ra-Im spend quality time together as a couple
*They go to get support from the grandfather who surprisingly tells them he won't approve until the mother approves.
*They hear news that the mother's been hospitalized because she heard the news of their marriage. Ju-won isn't surprised since he sent her the marriage license. 
*At the hospital, he and his mother come to terms: she "disowns" him but he can keep his job as president of the dept. store since he's the best person for the job. (I don't think Ju-won was really expecting her to concede defeat and then disown him like that)
*Ju-won then seeks out director Park. He acknowledges Park's skill as a businessman and would like to place his faith in him as long as Park agrees to not scheme for Ju-won's position. Ju-won plans to help him reach the highest position possible as long as it's not his. (LOL)
*Director Park is thrilled at the reinstatement as well as the acknowledgment and returns to work. He snubs Oska's mom who had ignored him when Park was unemployed. He tells her that he's the type of person to hold grudges (his over-the-top manner of speaking is actually endearing now)
*Ra-Im announces to the action school family that she's now married, so she's now technically "older" than her sunbaes (alums). Her crush is crushed by the news (sorry, couldn't resist the pun) and runs out. 
*Some of the action family go to visit Ju-won at his office and threaten him in typical Korean-older-brother-protecting-their-younger-sister style...some priceless Ju-won liners.      
*Tae-sung helps produce Oska's new album...and boy, Oska doesn't sing too well live. 
*Oska goes to film his music video and realizes that the storyline of the music video is when he and Seul first met.
*Ju-won works hard at his job while Ra-Im continues her work as a stuntwoman. 
*Oska holds a concert and regains a firm footing on his career. 
*At the concert, Tae-sung leaves because he can't stand to remain by Oska's side while Seul and Oska get back together again. When Seul tries to detain him and convince him to remain as Oska's friend, he declines and tells her that his gift to her is the title song, which is about her and Oska's love.  :) She tells him that if he ever needs help, to look her up, because she'll help him any way she can.  
*Returning to the concert, Seul holds placards during the concert that tell Oska, while he's singing Tae-sung's title song for the 7th album, that she confesses the roasted chestnuts were her but not the cheesecake. She then confesses that she loves him, too.
*More cute scenes of the Ju-won/Ra-Im couple...and she even wears a matching blue sparkly tracksuit (that tracksuit's never going to go away, huh? LOL)
*There's a scene where she gets into the elevator and Ju-won follows her in, only to be caught kissing her in the elevator by his executives. (Love how secretary Kim takes out his camera)
*5 years pass...they have 3 kids and still no wedding. The kids cry in front of their grandmother's house because their parents refuse to buy them a treat. Ra-Im realizes this was Ae-Young's dream; no evil meaning as previously feared. The grandmother opens the gates and coldly ignores the couple and takes the three grandkids into her house for a playdate. Time nor the grandkids have not mellowed the mother out toward the couple.
*Ra-Im become director of the action school and show her power in a number of scenes. 
*Oska proposes to Seul, who at first thought that Oska was cheating on her.
*Secretary Kim, walking along the Han River, finds the bottled message he wrote to Ae-Young back when he was on Jeju Island. Ae-Young is completely touched by this and hugs him...happy ending for them. :)
*Philip meets Son Ye-Jin, who tells him that she's very much interested in casting herself in his script. Apparently, Philip's efforts to get his script filmed/produced has been stalled for the past 6 months. She's interested, much to his disbelief. 
*Ju-won and Ra-Im try to get their three kids to sleep so that they can spend some time together, but the oldest one refuses to sleep and insists on sleeping with Mommy. (LOL...gotta love the competition between Ju-won and the son for Ra-Im's attention...Ra-Im's a bit "unfeeling" in her response to her firstborn, though.)
*The series ends with Ju-won and Ra-Im walking back to their house/bedroom after their kids fall asleep and enjoying the falling snow. She asks him if he's never going to tell her about the time he visited her after her father's death.  He then explains that he spent the night with her exhausted, sleeping form at the mortuary because he couldn't tell her in person how sorry he was for her loss, which happened because of him.

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My Princess (^_^)

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I can foresee that this gonna be my addiction soon....I love Princess Story..(^_^)
LeLee-Sul ( Kim Tae-Hee ) is a woman who enters college later than other girls. Like her peers, they dream of one day becoming a princess, but for Lee-Sul she actually becomes a real life princess ...
Hae-Young ( Song Seung-Heon ) is a 31-year-old diplomat. He is the sole successor of the Daehan Jonghap Group (the largest conglomerate in Korea). Hae-Young is also handsome and graduated from an Ivy League school. Agreeing to his grandfather`s creed, Park Hae-Young decides to give up his rights to the company and all of his assets. This is all for a young woman named Lee-Sul.
Lee-Sul is a 25-year-old college student, majoring in Art History. She doesn't think about the secrets surrounding her birth or her stepsister who teased her behind her back. Lee-Sul keeps a shabby appearance and works several part time jobs on top of her college career. She also has a crush on her professor Nam Jung-Woo ( Ryu Su-Yeong ). One day, Lee-Sul becomes a princess overnight. In order to make her a princess, the President of the Daehan Jonghap Group offers all of his assets. 50,000,000 people stamp their approvals for her and royal families from all over the world sends congratulatory telegrams. Lee-Sul accepts the role of Princess, but she is now locked up in her palace and forced to study from dawn to late at night. Even worse, Park Hae-Young is her only instructor and he is snooty.
Yoon-Joo ( Park Ye-Jin ) is a 30-year-old woman, who works as the director of Hae-Young Museum. Her father is the secretary for the President of the Daehan Jong Group. Yoon-Joo hopes to marry Park Hae-Young one day to gain control over the company. Her plans come to a halt when the Princess suddenly appears. For the Princess, the President of the Daehan Jonghap Group returns all of his property to the community. Even Hae-Youngs begins to have favorable feelings for Lee-Sul. Yoon-Joo can't forgive Lee-Sul for what she has caused. Yoon-Jo then makes a plan and if it succeeds Korea will lose their imperial family.
Jung-Woo ( Ryu Su-Yeong ) is a professor, archeologist and holds a PH.D in the Arts. He is also popular among the female students. Jung-Woo grew up in a poor family. Even now with his high status, his financial situation isn't so good. Because of this, Jung-Woo hasn't proposed to his girlfriend Yoon-Joo. One day, something strange happens. Jung-Woo's student Lee-Sul (who always submits papers late, but works hard at excavation sites) turns out to be a princess. Lee-Sul then asks Jung-Woo to become an advisor for the "Redemption Committee of Imperial Family Cultural Assets".

Update on My Karaoke Competition...

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I got the 2nd runner up wakakakakkaka...I sang "First Love" from Utada Hikaru...
That was the hilarious... I was so nervous till I feel tat I wanna puke...the funny thing...the LOBSTER suddenly doesnt look nice...all the food seemed tasteless...(T_T)
But once it finished it became NORMAL..
LOLs....I supposed to sing 'Ku Tak Sanggup' by Kris Dayanti but the CD was not I just took the song that I feel comfortable with...

Still funny tho...

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I'm Singing??? Lols...

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First... I wanna laugh out LOUD!!!!! because I enter a Karaoke competition organized by my company and now I'm busy screening the song that I wanna sing. To be exact this is for the Appreciation Dinner. Honestly, my voice is not that HIGH...I can say my voice is just a moderate one...everyone has a unique voice. So I have to choose the RIGHT song I've been singing since my primary school but I always has a stage fright and the tendency to forget Karaoke is safe hahahhahaha...maybe I wanna sing something like..
1) Endless Love
2) Colors of the wind
3) Hati Ini Telah Dilukai- Kris Dayanti
4)Valentine-Martina Mc Bride...
5) Ku Tak Sanggup- Kris Dayanti

This is all I can think now...lols....hhahahahahhahahha....

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Credit to Lim Gene-Harn

Today before you say an unkind word
-think of someone who can't speak
Before you complain about the taste of your food
-think of someone who has nothing to eat
Before you complain about your husband or wife
-think of someone who's crying out to GOD for a companion.

Today before you complain about life 
-think of someone who died too early on this earth
Before you complain about your children 
-think of those who desire children but are barren
Before you argue about your dirty house someone didn't clean or sweep
-think of those who are living in the streets and alleys.
Before whining about the distance you drive
-think of someone who walks the same distance

And when are tired and complain about your job
-think of the unemployed, the disabled, and those who wish they had your job.
But before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another
-remember that not one of us without faults
And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down
-put a smile on your face and be thankful: You're alive and still around

If you woke up breathing, congratulation!
You have another chance.~ Andrea Boydsto

Secret Garden Craze...(^_^) Episode 16

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Thank God u are alive!!
Owkay...I think Hyun Bin is kinda cool now...(^_^) As if my heart stopped beating seeing him in such painful condition...Hyun Bin was collapsing in the elevator...and Ha Ji Won was screaming his name...on the phone...quite dramatic ending for episode 15. Credit for the for the recap below.

We have had two dramatic endings this weekend, bringing us all the way up to the air when Joo Won and Ra Im are together then down to the ground when the truth are revealed. I have done a mini recap on some scenes.At end of episode 15, Joo Won fainted, but he was soon sent to the hospital after being rescued from the lift. Ra Im followed to the hospital, feeling bad about happened and thinking she might not see Joo Won again, she cried. Joo Won was first angry but later softened by Ra Im’s tears, he pulled Ra Im.

 Joo Won sent his private jet to fly the director for Dark Blood down to see Ra Im again. Joo Won, you scored again in this episode! For the woman you love, you made 50 calls and brought the entire crew on your private jet just for the 5 min audition, and yet you did not even tell her about it…Mr Jackson thinks you are crazy but I think that is sweet! (this scene reminds me so much of Richard Gere from ‘Pretty Woman’, don’t ask me why :P )  And Ha Ji Won, love seeing her in actions!
What a dramatic ending! Joo Won’s mom went to see Ra Im, telling her 13 years ago it was Ra Im’s dad who saved Joo Won’s life (Thanks to Jaymee’s tips earlier^^). It was actually an accident in the lift rather than a car accident, what Joo Won was led to remember as. The mom kneeled down, begged Ra Im to leave Joo Won and she was willing to pay any amount Ra Im would ask for, as it would be too painful for Joo Won to remember everything again. (Earlier Oscar shared with Ra Im that Joo Won was depressed for a while because of the trauma happened when he was 21). Shocked and devastated, Ra Im stood at the door covered in tears.
Now episode 16 ends with a question for all of the viewers, what will Ra Im think and decide after knowing the truth. Somehow I was hoping Joo Won was somewhere outside listening to this, so he could do something but as how dramas all end we could not see anything beyond that conversation.

Featured in the news today, the media has caught our main leads from Secret Garden kissing in episode 16, and it was Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) who kissed Joo Won (Hyun Bin) first.
Aired on 2nd of January, in episode 16, Joo Won asked Ra Im when they lied down facing each other, ‘Beautiful eyes, let me guess where will you be pretty tomorrow?’ Ra Im replied ” I know’.  After saying this she kissed Joo Won, and said she would pay off all at once.  This kiss from Ra Im took Joo Won by surprise and he was obviously a bit embarrassed.
The incident has a great significance to the relationship of two leads. Up-till now it has always been Joo Won taking the initiative to express his feelings, but this is the first time that Ra Im opens up to Joo Won about herself.  The mutual attraction is definitely there, it will not be easy to separate them.  As episode 16 ended with Joo Won’s mom asking Ra Im to leave Joo Won (detail of this scene can be found in my other post on episode 16), stimulating viewers’ curiosity about the upcoming 17th episode.

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Happy New Year 2011....

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Another year passed by...2010 had been quite challenging year to me where I have to relocate myself from the city centre to this new resolution for this year are:

  • Stay away from the influence of nosy peeps 
  • Stay away from negative peeps (Back off!!)
  • Think positive and learn as much as I can
  • Improve my career
  • Do more savings
  • Eat healthily like Buin...
  • Love myself more...
  • Better person
  • Enjoy life while it lasts
  • many more...
  • Believe that every problem has a solution...
  • Another survival battle is about to begin...!!
Actually I have lots of wishlists but the most important thing rite now is I have to take care of myself. Do not let the tension overpowered any way...Focus on the thing that I want to achieve...Hopefully 2011 gonna be better year for everyone!!!

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