Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ms Auditor Appears in Sinchew Entertainment section and a HUG from Kim Hyun Joong!!!

Posted by Lil' Sue at 12/05/2010 07:10:00 PM
Ms Auditor hugged KHJ!!
For those who understand can go to this link and read the whole  story!

(Rough Translation from the internet)
(Kuala Lumpur, 5 AP) Kim Hyun Joong Bae Yong Joon taking over as boss Faceshop spokesman, yesterday came to Malaysia to speak for a two-day promotional tour products, met yesterday afternoon he appeared Pavilion fans, led by 210 fans to purchase Faceshop signature, with the first 10 lucky children also Keyihuode photo opportunities; his debut 40 minutes, but sorry for all the fans can not be signed before he promised, I hope shortly to come to Malaysia to do with a concert album.

Yesterday, nearly 5 thousand fans gathered around the entrance Zhengdu Pavilion "In the Mood Man" Kim Hyun Joong's style, many fans is already on the scene about 7 am, "occupied a good bit" crazy to wait nearly 10 hours, Finally about 5:00 in the afternoon, heading for the big idol appeared, but there are many fans because the air does not flow, breathing difficulties and collapsed. See the audience full of fans packed into the scene, Kim Hyun Joong will have lost intimate asked rational crazy screaming fans push for calm, do not squeeze Do not push, safety first, fans are very listen better education, the idol of the appeal hearing ear, so that the entire signature will proceed smoothly.

Korea, the number of bodyguards accompanying arrangements
Kim Hyun Joong promotional visit to Malaysia, South Korea, particularly arrangements for a few bodyguards accompanied him on one of the bodyguards in the morning of the conference because it is too tight, so far as to stop taking photos of the camera body in mind, the two sides was made unpleasant physical collision events in the afternoon signing session, one of the better use of female fans with a great opportunity to photograph Kim Hyun Joong, the orientation suddenly embrace idols, so stand aside like bodyguards immediately stepped forward to stop Zhang, already too late, so the female fans and excitement with a satisfied smile away, as most people envy the lucky audience.


Lil' Sue said...

Kudos to Ms Auditor..!!!!


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