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RSW Married!! and SKK Spoilers...(^_^)

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Girls...back off...!!! Ryu Si Won already became a married man...huhuhuhuhu.... Wish him all the best with his new life...No matter how much I love to see him with Hwangbo..In fact they look good together but I think there should be a reason why they din end up together...They are very good friends...I wonder who is the Lucky guy to get Hwangbo...(^_^) Hyun Joongie??? (Could be...rite?)

Anyway...I've been wanting to rant about SKK ...I saw the spoilers for Episode 17 and OMoooooooooo!! It was so cheesy..and very romantic...!!! I think once I downloaded the episode 17..I will drool over them for hours...I must say...this drama really reminds me of Coffee Prince and Hanakimi...but this one is Sweeter that that...


Spoilers for Episode 17:
  1. King Jeongjo gives the Jalgeum quartet a secret mission – to build a new Joseon where there are no political factions, where poverty and wealth are equal, where there is no one superior over another
  2. Professor Jung tells them how Jaeshin’s brother and Yoon Hee’s dad died
  3. In Soo knows that HBS is Jaeshin because of the bracelet left behind but his dad is reluctant to capture Jaeshin if it’s the only evidence they have
  4. Jaeshin tells Yoon Hee that the Geum Deung Ji Sa will help them uncover the truth behind the death of their loved ones
  5. In Soo tries to capture Jaeshin on account of the bracelet – but Yong Ha has the same one, and even an SKK guard – and Yong Ha takes back the bracelet and gives it to Jaeshin [Is it just me or is this the SKK president overpowerful?!? Why is his dad letting him act as Minister of War?!]
  6. Yoon Hee doubts that she can take on such an enormous task – of finding the GDJS – as she has never done such a huge thing before – and Sun Joon tells her he will always be by her side
  7. Professor Jung asks Jaeshin not to go out as HBS anymore – so as not to risk himself – because if he is ever arrested, even his father the Chief Inspector could not save him
  8. Yoon Hee and Sunjoon get all kinds of bumped up on the makeshift elevator [hee hee]
  9. In the library, Yoon Hee opens books and finds letter of encouragement from Sunjoon – and one of the notes is almost read by another scholar [haha, serves you right for flirting when you should be studying!!]
  10. Sun Joon tells Yoon Hee he loves her [omg omg omg]
  11. Jaeshin investigates his father’s cabinet – and finds records of the death of his brother and information about Left State Minister and War Minister – and Jaeshin confronts his dad – and it turns out that all this time, his dad also wants to know who was behind the deaths
  12. Sunjoon and Yoon Hee study in their rooms – and hold hands!! Then they fall asleep like that. :-) [are they really studying?!]
  13. Jaeshin sees them inside (from outside) and leaves – goes to his tree [awwww]
  14. Yoon Hee and War Minister’s daughter bump into each other in a bookstore – and she asks Yoon Hee’s help to convince Sunjoon to like her back
  15. Sunjoon comes in – and Yoon Hee tries to leave – and Sunjoon stops her, holding her hand – and tells the other girl that he has someone else in his heart – and walks out with Yoon Hee [swooon!]. Sunjoon asks her why did she do that – and she says to give them privacy, since they are going to marry – and she says she has never thought of marrying Sunjoon, that she is happy with what she has – being with him everyday, it’s enough, but it’s like a dream to her
  16. Yoon Hee tells him that she feels she doesn’t deserve to like him – and he tells her to go ahead and start liking him and to start thinking like that because all this time he’s been feeling that way about her and thinking so hard about what he can do so they can be together – then he hugs her tight [cute!!]
  17. They try to kiss but their hats bump – so they just laugh and hold hands [oh, stupid hats]
  18. Elevator again – Sunjoon give Yoon Hee a ring – and a kiss – Sunjoon takes off her hat – then his hat – then… !!!!
  19. Suddenly – Yong Ha’s voice breaks in – saying that he knows who the person behind the deaths is – and it is Sunjoon’s father
  20. I'm getting crazy to wait for the english subs to appear...!!!!


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