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Itazura na Kiss...(イタズラなKiss)

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Hi everyone...
I had watched the Taiwanese Version and I enjoyed it so much...Being a loyal Joongbo fan , I think I should watch this Drama. I wanna watch how Kim Hyun Joong portrayed himself as Cold blooded person who ended up falling in love with the clumsy gurl...Like the director said..he himself like a prince who just came out from a comic book.. (^_^) Agree!! Agree!I think Joey Cheng did GREAT job on It Started With a Kiss. As for Hyun Joong, I really miss his interaction with Hwangbo during WGM...The show really made him shine...He should be grateful to Hwangbo..In a way Hwangbo had revealed his charm to the whole world.. made me think...same thing goes to Ella Chen and Wu Chun.People noticed him after Hanakimi and he will be forever remembered as that guy in that series. After that he was selected as the main lead in Butterfly Lover along with Charlene Choi. After that 14 Blades...Isn't it awesome???  I noticed there are some similarities with the celeb personality like Ella and Hwangbo. Both of them are tomboyish but has a pure heart and be able to capture hearts of many people.

Same like Hyun Joong during the WGM he was spotted through that show and ended up starring in Boys Over Flower. And now coming up with new series Playful Kiss (Itazura na Kiss) for Korean version. He even admitted that Hwangbo is like an angel sent by god at the right moment...I think he matured a lot after the show... (^_^)
What I wanna say here people like Ella and Hwangbo are one of kind....They are unique in their own way..I hope both of them will be happy bcoz they are Wonderful people to be with...Those guys who hurt them are really bad...Look at the serial sequence... (^__^)
Japanese Version
Ariel and Joey Cheng
Ariel Lin & Joey Cheng
Manga Versiom
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Korean version
We Got Married Moment Mr. & Mrs Kim (^_^) Cute rite???

Total Episodes : 20
Brief Synopsis
SS501 member Kim Hyun-joong has been cast as the male lead in the MBC drama "Mischievous Kiss" (written by Ko Eun-nim, directed by Hwang In-roi and Kim Do-hyeong), which will begin airing from September.
According to a spokesperson for his agency Keyeast on July 16, Kim Hyun-joong will play the male lead named Paek Seung Jo in the drama. The character he will play is a handsome genius boy who can learn anything one hundred times faster than others.
In the original Japanese comic book, the name of the character was Arie Naoki.
Production director Hwang In-roi revealed reason why he cast Kim Hyun-joong for the role by saying, "Kim Hyun-joong has an appearance that looks like he just came out of the romance comics and he also has purity in his mind, so he is very suitable for the character Paek Seung Jo".
The drama "Mischievous Kiss" is based on the original Japanese comic book which has been very popular in Japan, selling more than 27 million copies. The original comic book has been evaluated as The Best Romance comic book ever along with another Japanese comic book, "Boys over Flowers".

Kim Hyun-joong "Mischievous Kiss" to air in Japan starting Dec
SS501 member Kim Hyun-joong starrer "Mischievous Kiss" will air in Japan starting December, according to the show's producer on Tuesday.
Park Rae-hyun, in charge of the PR & Promotions team at production company Group 8, told 10Asia over the phone that cable music channel Mnet Japan will broadcast the TV series twice a week in about three months time although additional details have yet to be set.
Park also added that several other countries in Asia are "actively showing interest" in the drama which has been garnering much hype since its casting stages due to its heartthrob male lead.
Kim, already famous as the leader of his popular five-man band and at the height of his career after starring in last year's hit drama "Boys over Flowers", will play the role of Baek Sung-jo, the all-around Mr. Perfect-type character who ends up falling in love with a girl always getting into trouble, to be played by actress Jeong So-min.
Famed director Hwang In-roi will helm the show based on Japanese comic series "Itazura na Kiss", which sold over 27 million copies in Japan and has been made into animation in Japan and a top-rated television drama in Taiwan.
Hwang, who previously directed "Princess Hours" (MBC, 2006) and "Iljimae Returns - Moon River" (MBC, 2009), will team with noted television writer Ko Eun-nim for the small screen adaptation of the comic.
The romantic comedy will premiere on public network MBC starting September.



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