Monday, July 26, 2010


Posted by Lil' Sue at 7/26/2010 09:56:00 AM
Today...I feel bored again...I also dunno how to describe my feelings now..

I'm trying to say to myself that I have to ADAPT ADAPT and ADAPT.

But having no close friends to chat is really like living in hell...

I need to talk to someone ando be here...there is no repetitive job but I think the research thing is driving me nuts...Of course lots of reading need to be done...


Anonymous said...

kak sue :) hang in there alright. this new life you take will bring you better opp .. we will be right behind u if u need someone

Lil' Sue said...

Thanks Sha...I'm waiting for u guys to be here...huhuhu.. ^_^ I'll search for the interesting place to go here and I'll let u know... hehehe

Hakim said...

Congratulation on your new job!

Dream big & keep on going!

Tak sempat akhirnya nak jumpa di KL.



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