Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dont Ever Lose Your Hope...

Posted by Lil' Sue at 4/15/2010 02:09:00 PM
Sometimes I hold my anger and frustration when things dont go my way...But I realized that I should be thankful for whatever I have right now. I might not see how it beneficial to me but later it will make some sense. I have tried many ways but it doesnt seem fit to my DREAMS..and currently I have moved to another dimension which needs extra attention to details. I am still trying to find the best thing that I can find myself ...I just cannot see myself working for a compay like *** for the rest of my life... I should be doing something else!!!!

OOOO Emm Gee, for some reason..I feel something was not right in the beginning...Is it the symptom of BOREDOM...???

For someone who filled my empty heart...Thanks for the WARMTH...the TLC ..and everything ..but I dun think u want me in the 1st place. Which is WHY you are so faraway...and keep the distance. It really really RIPPED my heart to let u go. The feelings is just a feelings that you can treasure as long as u want it. BUT sometimes I need some assurance (not a guarantee coz nothing can last 4ever!) I dunno what I am talking about...Call me stupid me blind....I admit that I am bit stubborn...maybe I dun want to face the fact that he is not there..for me. I might be destined to be with some one else. Who is not PERFECT but definitely be there when I need him.... I feel that I want to go to some places that I can laugh...freely without thinking wht is the consequences.The world can turn upside down...All I want is to be happy and just need some space to breath with peace....



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