Thursday, July 23, 2009

I wish today is Friday (^__^)

Posted by Lil' Sue at 7/23/2009 10:39:00 AM

These days I always look for interesting quote..just to live up the day.

It has been a while i didn't update my blog coz I feel my world is rotating in the same ways. As usual..I'm praying that my day will get better...Recently meet some old frens thru facebook. owh...My good friend 'Nazila' will getting married on 8.8.09. So..I have something to look forward on August!!! (^__^)

Last nite I slept at 3Pm surfing to the net about CE. I joined CEfanatic Craze since last april...hahhaha...looking for cool MV..their interaction..latest movie/drama. Cant wait to watch 'Down With Love' starring Jerry Yan and Ella Chen and Wu Chun new movie '14 Blades' . Wish that I cud understand Mandarin...(I might find time in future to look into Japanese isn't moving..hehehehe..)
I dunno why I cannot sleep well...Maybe coz I'm thinking too much....

Today someone recommended me on one beauty product from China..hahhahha...(U knowla girls.....always have this kind of thing to share)

I'm still unable to decide on the Hari Raya vacation. Weighting the pros and cons...need to be very very patient..I need to save up for the November intake. I have postponed my studies for two this is the ultimatum!!! If not I have to find another university...of course I hate to go thru with the procedure again....

Well...well..Ganbatte ne...



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