Saturday, May 9, 2009

Unread books...

Posted by Lil' Sue at 5/09/2009 11:42:00 PM
Hi everyone..

I juz came back from One Utama and finished watchine 'Wolverine' with my housemate Naza. The movie was nice...Worth watching for..(^__^) It succeed to bring some sort of excitement to my boring day. On the way back we decided to look around MPH. I went straight away to my fave spot. The language kingdoms hehehe...grabbed some Japanese and mandarin book phrase....trying to recap all the simple conversation tat I might be useful someday..Since I know Naza will be directing to the IT went to the comic corner,eyeing for Hanazakarino Kimitachihe comic..or Nana..mayb.But I cant find it and I dun wanna ask the customer service attendant...(I'm trying to prove that I can find it by myself) BUT at the end I still din find the comic...It's ok..I'll look for it next time....I'm not over the sequel yet....

Guess what ?I spotted some of the Moms reading to their 3-4 years old kids which is very CUTE...I saw this chinese lil' girl..(about 3 yrs old) listening obediently to her mom. I heard something about Turtle...(chuckled)I dunno whether she understand what's her mom reading and looking at her eyes blinking innocently asking ..why mom??? Waaa..the mom was very patient...It crossed my mind.. Am I going to be that patient with my own kids?? I dunnola..hahaha..

While looking at the front row of the comic section...I saw 'Junior reader' and .....(Drums roll!!!) I saw the 'Enid Blyton' book corner. You can find almost all the collection of books written by her there. It was a longing feeling to see all the books still remained the same...BUT look at myself???...I've grown up...!!! Still I'm very excited to find my fave book of all time...' The Folk of The Faraway Tree' . This is my memorable book coz it is the FIRST book that I've read in ENGLISH without looking at the Dictionary. That time I was about 12 years old. Of course I've read most of her Malay translated Books but this will always be special. The second book that I read was 'Little women' by Louisa M Allcott. Untill now I'm mourning bout the fact that Laurence din end up with Josephine. Classic story book... (^__^)

This is the old cover

After doing few tours to all the book sections..I ended up buying some ' Romantic Novels' coz it is cheap..hahhahha...Actually I dunno if I'm gonna have time to read all of it...sigh...and here's the list of my unread stuff...
Still long way to go kiddo...

This is my fave..I'm in midst of reading the next chapter..

(Aiya.. I only look at the pixs...)

(I bought this long time ago..I read it half way coz I already know the ending)

RM12 for three books...murah..murah!!I bought this at MPH..Earlier on. I choose this over the historical romance book (enuff for the thought of prince charming..)
I think I better find some other books that I've might forgotten to read...I feel bad for them...



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