Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jin Tian Ni Yao Jia Gei Wo..?

Posted by Lil' Sue at 3/22/2009 12:56:00 AM
0 comments Links to this post I wish that I am well versed in several languages like Mandarin, Korean, Japanese & French..Hehehehe...I just listened to the song titled 'Jin Tian Ni Yao Jia Gei Wo' . I dunno what is the meaning of this song but the MV was damn Cute. For the first time ever...I noticed that Jolin Tsai is really pretty. Plus, she has amazing voice (^__^) Eiii...while I'm writing ..suddenly I found the meaning of the song....'Marry Me Today' wonder I heard this song during Valentines Day...

Here's the and English Translation:

English Lyrics [B] : boy [G] : girl [Both] :

[B] Flowers blossoming in spring takes away the winter's pain
[B] A light wind blows a breath of romance
(B]Every love song suddenly is filled with meaning
[B]At this point you suddenly appear before me
[G]Flowers blossoming in spring takes away the bitter cold of the winter
[G]A light breeze blows unexpected love [our way]
[G]Birdsong draws us closer to eachother[G]At this point I suddenly fall in love with you
[Both] Listen to me, [let's] hold hands, walk together, and create a happy life [together]
[Both]Yesterday you did not arrive on time, it would be a shame tomorrow, so will me marry me today?
[B] Jolin in the House
[G] Jin[DT] in the House
[B] Jolin in the House
[G] Jin[DT] in the house[B] Jolin in the House
[Both] Our Love in the House
[B] Sweet Sweet Love[B]Summer's kindness shifts spring's idleness
[B]The sunshine illuminates the beauty of the family
[B]Every love song will bring up memories
[B]think about how I met you that year
[G]Grief in winter finishes autumn's loneliness
[G]The breeze blows by withered yearning
[G]The birdsong makes me not want to leave
[Both]I immediately desire your hug
[Both]Listen to me, [let's] hold hands, walk together with me
[let's live] a peaceful life[Both]Yesterday you did not arrive on time, it would be a shame tomorrow, so you shall marry me today
[Both] Listen to me, [let's] hold hands and walk together, surrender yourself completely to me[Both]Yesterday do not look back, we'll grow old [in the years to come], marry me today
[B]Ding dong, listen to the church bells ring, god and our friends will all be here to witness us [get married]
[B]Men and women now should marry eachother
[B]Do not forget just how sacred [marriage] is
[B]You will for better for worse be with him together
[B]Love him, respect him, comfort him and protect him
[B]A couple together creates a happy family, are you willing to do this? Yes I do
[Both]Listen to me, [let's] hold hands, together to the end, surrender yourself completely to me[Both]Yesterday was the past, tomorrow will be full of memories, marry me today
[Both]marry me today, marry me today

Friday, March 20, 2009


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Happy friday everyone!!!
It's been tiresome week..
My manager was on half day leave today...
I am planning to go back matter what happen..
I think I really need a break...
This morning I just have a nice Chit Chat with Zhafran a.k.a SAT
He is planning for holidays to Japan next year...
Yokoso Japan (^__^)
I wish I cud go..huhuhuhu..

Thursday, March 19, 2009


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My MBA program will begin this coming July...

This year I have 2 Big challenge:

1) To start my MBA

2) To have driving licence

So I have to be mentally prepared with another focus on Work is One thing..

To study and excel...that's another thing... (T_T)

Tiresome but..I think I will view it as an investment...

The Bigger u invest the Bigger the Return..

Same thing applied to Risk Management...

At least I have something to look forward... (^__^)

My First Award...

Posted by Lil' Sue at 3/19/2009 10:26:00 AM
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Ni ber YM ngan Nora..just to ask on how to receive this award...
BIG thanks to Pijaberry & Nora for this...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Seriously Bengang!!!

Posted by Lil' Sue at 3/15/2009 01:29:00 AM
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Bengang siot!!!! Jus watched the Cerekarama titled 'Ku Mohon'. It was really touching but at the same time I'm feeling very annoyed. The story merely about this beautiful girl (Elaine Daly)..a drop dead gorgeous model convert herself to Muslim to marry a muslim guy (Fahrin). After that Fahrin became a JERK just because she had difficulties of getting pregnant. Actually I used to like this kind of teary drama BUT I feel that I have no guts to watch this anymore. I choose to ignore the fact that most MEN are like that..berapi ni rasa mcm nak mengutuk tahap gaban !!!!

Then the worst part, I asked someone ' Will u leave ur wife if u have the same problem like that?' then his answer was..' Depends...if I want to marry more than one, there could be more possible reason's not only based on that reason'

I was amazed how could they answer in such manner...I was so damn pissed off when the time Fahrin is talking about Sunnah. Yes, it is TRUE that Men can marry more than one....BUT it must be for a very good reason. AND he must fulfill all the other requirement like, solat ....I mean someone yg ber' agama' in a sense, of mengamalkan semua amalan ...Not only talking about Sunnah when you're getting excited of marrying another one.

Seriously PISSED OFF!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Taiwanese Series...

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Hi everyone..
I just finished watching the 2nd episode of this series..
Jiro & Rainie looked quite compatible here.. (^__^)
Cant wait to watch the rest...
Speaking of characters, when Jiro Wang was asked on his opinion of an idol’s image, he said, “The commissioning of one’s mood is important. No matter what happens, be serious in your job.” He himself has had the thought that if he did not enter the entertainment industry, he would become a hairstylist, or a fashion designer.
Rainie Yang is collaborating with Jiro Wang for the first time, Rainie will have to portray the character of a ‘miyake woman’ type of lady. One who does not like to dress up nor act pretty, and who doesn’t really have friends. In real life, Rainie does have the slightest bit of ‘miyake’ taste. When she doesn’t have work, she’ll stay at home and not go out, the highest record being three days. Even if friends invite her out in the evening, no matter how long they take to persuade her, she would much rather prefer to stay at home lazing around, wilding her time away, and get proper rest.
Acting the female actress’s childhood friend, George Hu, will have a breakthrough in his acting career. He will be acting an “Ah Gan” innocence, his intelligence will be equivalent to one of an 8 year old, yet he is a swimming champion. Lately, he has been training his swimming, and even went to the gym for sauna, letting his body become tan, and looking more like a swimming champion.But George Hu, who has a bright personality, is also a guy who prefers to stay at home. In America, when he was in his teen years, he preferred to stay at home reading his comics, or playing his games, to the point that he didn’t step out of his house for one month! “I played my games, stop halfway to run out to the nearest game center to get a memory card, and then run back to my room to continue playing”. After coming to Taiwan, he still spent most of his time at home, practicing his calligraphy, or he would spend his time in the gym.But Jiro Wang is not the slightest bit like his other two co-stars. Last time, he always followed his family to go and offer prayers, and he always loved to go out on his bike, and see the natural surroundings. “I can’t stay at home for more then one day without going out. Even if it is going out to buy something or to take a walk, would do.” But when he is at home, Jiro would watch DVD’s, or sing. If he has met someone he loved, but she is the type who prefers staying at home, after giving it some thought, Jiro stated that he would give up.

Another twist and turn..

Posted by Lil' Sue at 3/01/2009 01:01:00 PM
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Actually the job offer was quite interesting and SERCO is one of the best company in the world BUT they give less salary and not up to my expectation. I dun mind they are paying in Dirham but gosh...AED 2600 is very low for high living standard in Dubai. I think their recruiting agent been taking very high commission..huhuhuhu...So...I have to reject it!!!!!

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