Friday, January 23, 2009

No mood to work

Posted by Lil' Sue at 1/23/2009 05:07:00 PM
Like usual...I'm sitting at in front of my thinkpad..actually no mood to work today...Yeay! tomoro is holiday...Thinking of concerntrating on my novels...hope I will be inspired to write more that 1 page ..(giggle)..If I get bored...I will stop n watch my Korean, Japanes movies...Lol!!! C'mon Sue you need to change that attitude!!! Be proactive...and try to finish your work..till the end..Hmm I'm a typical it will be a challenge for me stay focus and keep away from distraction!!!
Ok back to business talk...Recently ...we have a review on our performance. As a regular staff I need to complete my Personal Business Commitment on time and my manager have to rate us base on the result for 2008. Actually it is quite politics and there are lots of changes in our management. My floor manager will be back to Australia. Some of our supporting countries being tagged back to their home country. Some of my frens have to move to different role. That was alarming call for the so called "Economic Recession"....
This evening I'm gonna go to an interview session. I know people will see that I'm crazy to change job on this critical time. But I cant help it tho...There is some curiousity that I need to discover..(Sounds like mystery..hehhehe) I believe that the opportunity will come any time...and I will keep on looking for better option. There is no harm trying...rite?



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